Loyola High School

8th-Grade Student and Parent Visitors’ Day on Friday, November 10

*Registration is required.

Visits will begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 11:30 a.m.

Upon arrival, eighth grade students will be assigned a Loyola High School student.  Because assignments are made the morning of the visit, we are unable to accommodate special requests for individual Loyola High School students or particular classes.  The eighth-grade student will attend two classes and spend the recess period with his Loyola guide.

Parents of the eighth-grade students are invited to participate in a parallel program/tour with information provided by admissions, administration, faculty, and students while the eighth graders are in class. 

For additional details, please click Event Details », which will include the dress code, logistics for parking, and further information on what is to be expected for your visit.

*Registration is now open! Click here to register » We look forward to meeting you and your son. Unfortunately, because classes are in session, we have room only for the 8th grader and his parent(s). We do not have room for siblings, but they are more than welcome to attend Open House on December 10th.

The Loyola High School 8th-Grade Student and Parent Visitors’ Day is an optional program and has no bearing on the admissions decision.