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Continued Prayers for Jake Peters '16

Jake Peters ’16, continues to experience paralysis due to a condition called nueromyelitis optica, a swelling of his spinal cord brought on by some type of viral infection.  Jake’s physical therapy has been progressing, all be it slow. He now can shrug his shoulders, pinch his scapulars, and supinate his wrists, which are all voluntary movements he was unable to produce a month ago. Although he still is breathing with ventilator assistance and does not have any sensory or voluntary movement in his lower extremities, it appears things are slowly moving in the right direction. He has been up and about 2-3 times a day doing rehab in his wheelchair, and he enjoys the time out of bed immensely. As a matter of fact, he was drag racing his wheelchair against the other patients in the parking lot recently. He is in pretty good spirits, eating well, and working hard to become more independent each day. He is scheduled for his next MRI and cytoxin treatment March 2nd. On the down side, he was admitted back into Kaiser Sunset a few days earlier than expected to monitor what doctors call autonomous dysreflexia syndrome. ADS  is a potentially dangerous condition that is common for patients who experience spinal cord injuries, resulting in acute, uncontrolled hypertension. Jake has been having these episodes of intense headaches, along with very high blood pressure for about a week now. Doctors decided to bring him in for a few extra days of observation as a precautionary measure before his regularly scheduled MRI and cytoxin treatment. Let's pray that these episodes diminish and that the cytoxin will continue to reduce inflammation in his spinal cord.  Take a look at the quilt that Mrs. Blythe Collins, wife of Joe Collins ’83, put together from a number of pieces submitted by Jake’s classmates, teammates, and members of the Loyola community.  Please continue to keep Jake and his family in your prayers.