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Sports health and medical form renewal - Now Online

Tim Moscicki, ATC

From Tim Moscicki, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer-Loyola High School

Dear Parents:

This year I am pleased to announce an online program that you can go to and update your son’s demographic, insurance, medical alerts, and health history information as needed.  The program is HIPAA compliant and only I and/or my assistant will have access to this information.  Although the program is oriented towards athletics it is Loyola High School's way of keeping the health and medical alerts for students updated with your assistance.  I must emphasize that you MUST CONTACT THE MAIN OFFICE WITH DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGES; unfortunately this program does not interact with the main demographic program for the school.  

The program is very user friendly and should only take 5-10 minutes to update the first time you login.  Please follow the steps below to use the program.  If you should experience any difficulty logging in please email me your email address so I can enter it on the website. The website only recognizes the email addresses that we transferred over from the previous program and it could either be absent or incorrect.  The email address that should be used is the Mother’s email.  If you have two sons; one son has the mother’s email and the other will have the father’s email, there can only be one online email login in the program.

Steps for Logging In

  1. Go to the following website:
  2. The first time you enter the website you should enter the Mother’s email and then click the “Reset Password” button to receive your initial password.  The company will send you a password to login.  You can change your password once you login the first time.
  3. **If the program does not recognize your password please email me your email address and I will enter it in the program.  My email is
  4. Once you receive your password go back to the website and enter your email and password that was sent to you.  This will log you into the website.
  5. Begin clicking on the chapters (buttons) on the left and verify and change the information as needed.  After you are finished with each screen you must click the “SAVE” button located in the upper left corner. Each button has different  areas of information needed.  Please make sure you click on the “General” button under History on the bottom left of the screen  and answer all the health questions asked.

Anytime you make a change to your son’s information I will be sent an email notifying me of the change.  Once again if you have questions, concerns or problems please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for your time.

Tim Moscicki ATC

Head Athletic Trainer-Loyola High School