All photos taken by Dave McClave.

Local/Regional Service Immersions Opportunities


Los Angeles Urban Plunge program resumes operation in late September.  This weekend service immersion program on the streets and in the shelters of LA's Skidrow, East LA and Hollywood is open to sophomores and juniors.  Each group consists of 12 - 14 student and two adult leaders (LHS faculty and staff).  The hope is for one plunge to be available per month from September through July, 2015.  Some plunge groups are open and others are closed and restricted to club and team members of a particular LHS group.  Student applicants for this program must complete at least 10 service hours prior to application for the plunge, which awards 15 hours service credit for sophomore or junior year.  Only one plunge experience per student per school year.  Contact Mr. Zeko for details and to sign up.


Loyola Fathers Club Service Projects – Details of possible service projects for father and son service teams in LA will be announced in October.  Students may earn sophomore and junior service credit through these activities.  These service projects must be registered with Loyola by completing the Student Information and Registration Packet and submitting the signed documents to the Community Service staff.   See Mr. Zeko or Mrs. Moran with questions and for details.