A letter from Mr. William Thomason, Director of Alumni Relations:

Dear Loyola Parents,

I hope this letter finds you well, and you are now able to take a breath as we are well underway in this your son’s senior year.  Before you know it, he will be an alumnus of Loyola, off to college, and setting his course for future adventures and opportunities.  It is in that thought, your son as an alum of Loyola High, that I write to you to bring to your attention an exciting new program at Loyola – The Loyola Alumni Mentorship Program (LAMP).

The goal of LAMP is to further supplement the educational experience that Loyola currently provides to its students and ensure that all students are getting the full value of the Loyola experience.  Due to the individuality of each student and his varying needs and objectives, LAMP is offering two different types of services:

  1. Career/College Mentors - Through this arm of LAMP current juniors and seniors can contact recent Loyola alums about the universities they attended or are currently attending as well as older alumni to speak about specific career paths. This will prove beneficial because Loyola students can learn which schools may have strong programs in their interests or what classes they should take to best prepare them for a specific career path. The dialogue between the alumnus and the student will be very informal, and this process will begin through the facilitation of your son’s counselor.
  2. Personal Mentors - This arm of LAMP is open to all Loyola students. This program pairs a current student to a Loyola alumnus who will act as a source of guidance and support for the remainder of the student’s time at Loyola. The student will be matched with a mentor who is compatible to his interests and personalities, and after undergoing mentor training, the alum will meet with the student approximately two times monthly or according to any schedule that is mutually agreed upon.

If your son decides to utilize the Career/College Mentorship services, he can ask his counselor to relay his wishes to me, or he can contact me directly at  If you and your son decide to participate in the Personal Mentorship program, you can go to and fill out an application.

Specific information about either or both of these programs can be obtained by contacting either your son’s counselor; or Mr. Paul Jordan, Assistant Principal for Student Life, (213) 381-5121 x1513; or Mr. Bill Thomason, Director of Alumni Relations, (213) 381-5121 x1315.

Thank you for your attention to this newly created alumni-based program.  It is our hope your son will benefit from the experience and knowledge of those who previously received the same Jesuit education which enabled him to move forward in the world as living proof of a “Man for Others.”


William R. Thomason, Director of Alumni Relations
Loyola High School