Family Connections (Naviance)

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What is Family Connection?
Family Connection, created by Naviance, is a web-based program that improves communication between counselors, students, and parents and provides a foundation for our comprehensive counseling program at each grade level. This includes: Learning Style Inventory, Personality Type Assessment, Standardized Test Practice and various College Search and Application features. Family Connection provides a comprehensive tool for meaningful communication between students, parents and the LHS counselor.

As each student progresses through high school, information such as standardized test scores and cumulative Grade Point Average are included on the student’s account. The only information accessible to individual students and parents is their personal data.

We recognize the importance of meeting students where they are in the college process. Students and parents may ‘skip ahead’ to the college information at any grade level. Counselors invite students in lower grade levels to make an appointment if they wish to start their college process early. The only caveat we offer is that younger students in particular should remember to focus on their high school journey rather than look too far ahead. It’s a delicate balance, and we’re here to help students and parents alike.

Family Connection is a feature of Naviance that we use to track college admission data as it pertains to our graduates. This is helpful information for our families since it provides relevant context for current students engaging in the college admission process.

Please Note: The data contained in Family Connection should not be considered an accurate prediction of future admission decisions by any college. Students should consider this data as one of many factors in creating their final college list. Its only purpose is to provide a guideline as students create a well-rounded college list with ‘Challenging,’ ‘Possible’ and ‘Likely’ schools. For more information, please go to the college section of this guide!

Method of Communication (between Counseling and Students/Parents)
Students and parents should make a habit of viewing the Family Connection homepage. Updates and announcements are included for each grade level. Students are asked to complete various tasks depending on their grade level. A full outline (by grade) is included in this handbook in the ‘Year in Review’ section.

Registration Process
Students and parents will receive an individual account on Family Connection at the beginning of freshman year. In the fall, students are brought to the computer labs during orientation to register and review the site with the Counseling Department.

A new password may be requested on the Family Connection homepage if needed. If there are technical difficulties, parents and students are encouraged to contact the Counseling Office.