What's a Loyola App?

You may notice we have these little Application Icons (app-links, or just apps) on our site.  What are they and why do we have them?

Short answer:  They're easy links to the things you use most at Loyola - bite sized.

Long answer:

Like much of the web, Loyola's site draws from other unique platforms to give you the richest possible experience. 

  • Cubview is the school's social / educational hub
  • Zangle is our grading system
  • CubCash is used to buy food

These are just a few to start. 

Each one requires a password.  Why have so many passwords?  It's confusing.

We know it seems that way, at first.  But after trying for years to do a "one size fits all" website with one password (something those in the biz call single-sign-on or SSO), we found it just didn't work for us - or for you.

In fact, it was more confusing that way. Most of what we offered just wasn't being used... because beyond the password, few really knew how to use our site.  It was kind of like a Swiss army knife.  While it has a lot of tools, each tool is cumbersome and not quite as good as the full tool.

Those applications that we could integrate into our website, did so clumsily.  And then there are sites that would never integrate at all - such as Naviance, a site that tracks college applications.  So, try as we did, we could never fully offer a single sign-on to you.  And frankly - we're a school, not a web design company.  So the sacrifices we made to offer single sign-on were becoming apparent.



A New Approach

So we decided to think of our site in a whole new way.  We approached it as a computer or smartphone - a platform on which to offer dedicated applications tailored to you.  These are absolutely the best applications at what they do.  Google takes a very similar approach with their applications (Youtube, Gmail, Picasa and others require logins).  The trade off?  Passwords. 

But once you've launched them - we think you'll like them.


Students!  Good news!  Most have the same login!

The good news is that for the three major appications students use - the accounts and passwords are the same.  You will simply be asked to enter them before launching each application. 



Parents - Less Logins!

Parents, we know you have to track a lot.  So we've worked hard to make it simple.  We've made it so that for most information, you won't even have to log in.  And when you want to know something specific about your son, such as grades, you can just launch the application you need.



Use only what you need

As we add other apps to the dashboard - like YouTube, Flickr and Google - you'll know whether or not you need or want to use them. But now they'll be grouped in one place for you to get at them right away.  We think you'll find that this, in the end, is easier.

Will it always be like this?

New integrations are taking place daily.  Someday, we hope to merge all of these products back together in one that offers a single sign on experience.  Until then, we believe this approach will work best.

Keep track of your id's

But remember, it's up to you to keep your logins and passwords safe, secure and readily available. 

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Forgot your password?

We take your privacy very seriously.  That is why we will never, under any circumstances, reveal your password via email or the phone.  Need help retrieving your password?  Click here »