School Profile

Loyola High School of Los Angeles, founded in 1865, is an all-male, four-year, academically rigorous, Catholic college preparatory school run by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Ninety nine percent of Loyola’s graduates go on to either college or university.

Total enrollment for the 2019-2020 academic year is 1260.


Loyola’s 112 faculty, administrators and counselors all hold professional degrees. Among these educators, 80 have master’s degrees and 11 have doctoral degrees.

Accreditation and Memberships

Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Western Catholic Educational Association, Jesuit Schools Network, National Catholic Education Association, the College Board, NACAC and WACAC.

School Community

Located near downtown Los Angeles, Loyola draws students from over 215 zip codes. Admission is by entrance examination, recommendations and elementary school grades. Typically, 130 elementary schools, public and private, are represented in a freshman class drawn from an applicant pool representing over 240 schools. Approximately 45 percent of those who apply are enrolled.

A central part of Loyola’s Jesuit Catholic mission is to provide a quality and affordable education. The Jesuit faculty contribution, endowment, financial aid, fund-raising programs and generosity of our donors enable Loyola to attract students from a wide variety of economic and social backgrounds. Forty-six percent of the students are Latino, Asian-Pacific or African-American. Loyola’s community is distinguished and enriched by its extensive social, economic and ethnic diversity.

Curriculum and Course Catalogue

The core program required of all students includes:

  • Eight semesters of English
  • Eight semesters of theology
  • Six semesters each of mathematics, foreign language, science and social science
  • Two semesters each of fine arts and health/PE

One hundred and forty hours of community service are required (12 hours, freshman year; 50 hours, sophomore and junior years; and a 78-hour immersion program, senior year), but many of the students contribute nearly 200 hours throughout their time at Loyola. In total, Loyola students have donated more than 1.7 million hours of community service over the past two decades.