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Accessing Campus

All students, employees and visitors must complete an online health screening questionnaire before leaving their house to come to campus. Once you arrive, you must park in the Dewey Lot unless you have been given specific permission to park somewhere else.

Please proceed to the check-in stand where your temperature will be screened. If the scanner reads that you have a temperature, please go sit in a shaded area as instructed and wait five minutes. You will be allowed to rescan your temperature. If you once again scan with an elevated temperature, one of the Athletic Trainers will scan you a final time using a handheld scanner. If after three attempts you still have a scanned body temperature greater than 100.4F, you will not be allowed on campus for 48 hours and will be given instructions to seek further medical advice.

*Visitors will receive the health screening link from the employee that they will be meeting on campus. Please check your email with your appointment confirmation. You will be required to complete the health screening on the morning of your appointment to visit campus.”

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