8th Grade Student and Parent Visitors’ Day

Monday, November 11

*Registration is required. Click here to register

Visits will begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 12:30 p.m.

Upon arrival, eighth grade students will be assigned a Loyola High School student. Because assignments are made the morning of the visit, we are unable to accommodate special requests for individual Loyola High School students or particular classes. The eighth-grade student will attend two classes and spend the recess period with his Loyola guide.

Parents of the eighth-grade students are invited to participate in a parallel program/tour with information provided by admissions, administration, faculty, and students while the eighth graders are in class.

For additional details, please click the Details tab, which will include the dress code, logistics for parking, and further information on what is to be expected for your visit.

We look forward to meeting you and your son. Unfortunately, because classes are in session, we have room only for the 8th grader and his parent(s). We do not have room for siblings, but they are more than welcome to attend Open House on October 27th.

The Loyola High School 8th-Grade Student and Parent Visitors’ Day is an optional program and has no bearing on the admissions decision.

  1. Arrive between 8:00 and 8:15 am (Parking information below)
  2. Check-in will be located in the Malloy Commons (Follow the directions of security and look for tables closest to Loyola Hall.)
  3. All visiting 8th grade students must follow the Loyola High School dress code. (see below)
  4. All participants will end their visit in Leavey Gymnasium.

8th Grade Program

After your 8th-grade student is checked in, he will be paired with a Loyola High School student. Special requests will not be available for this program.

Eighth graders will remain with their Loyola High School student guides throughout the day.

Eighth graders will accompany their guides around Loyola High School and experience two full class periods as well as the snack break.

Eighth graders are encouraged to ask their guides questions about Loyola High School and/or about their experiences at Loyola High School.

Given the large number of visitors, current Loyola High School students from all grade levels will act as guides.

Parallel Parent Program

At check in, parents will be given a colored 5×7 index card with important information and room for notes. After your 8th grader has left the check-in with his guide, we ask that all parents make their way to Leavey Gymnasium for the beginning of the Parent Program.

Parents, you will first hear a short welcome from the Admissions Director, Mr. Heath Utley, the Principal, Mr. Frank Kozakowski, the President, Fr. Greg Goethals, and a few students.

Parents will then be split into four smaller groups based on the color of the 5×7 index card given to you at check in.

Each group will have Loyola High School faculty/staff as tour guides. They will take you through the campus stopping at four meeting locations to hear pertinent information about Loyola High School.

The 4 Components of the Parent Program Tour are:

  1. Academics/APs/Bell Schedules
  2. Counseling/Student Activities
  3. Athletics/Performing Arts
  4. Spirituality/Service Component


Please park in the Dewey Lot located on the north side of Loyola High School. Using the following address on Google Maps will take you directly to the Dewey Lot: 1322 Dewey Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90006. There will be security directing you upon your arrival.

Dress Code

(Copied from our 2016/17 parent-student handbook)


Considerable freedom is allowed with respect to clothes and grooming. Neatness, cleanliness, and due regard for the legitimate sensibilities of others constitute both the basic goals and the norms of the school. The following minimal guidelines need to be observed during school hours and at school functions.


Hair should be combed and trimmed in a reasonably neat style.


All clothing should be neat and clean and must be worn at all times. Torn and/or ragged clothing is never acceptable attire. All clothing should always fit properly.

  1. Pants must be full length. The following pants are not allowed: disheveled, torn, or excessively baggy, military-style fatigues, hospital scrubs, capri pants, sweatpants, jogging pants, or blue jeans. Gray or black denim is acceptable. Pants must be worn at the waist level. Underwear should not be visible at any time.
  2. Shorts should fit properly. Shorts may not extend below the bottom of the knee. The following shorts are not allowed: disheveled, torn, or excessively baggy, capri pants, chubbies, swim, beach, sport, board, gym, cutoffs, or those constructed of blue denim (jeans) fabric. Brand names and logos must abide by the guidelines explained in the section on imprints. Shorts must be worn at waist level. Underwear should not be visible at any time.
  3. Shirts must be sleeved, collared, and buttoned with the exception of Fridays, which are designated as Loyola T-shirt days unless other attire is mandated.
  4. Any type of conventional footwear (in good condition) may be worn, with the exception of heavy-soled boots and sandals. Slippers or slide shoes of any type may not be worn to school. Shoes must be secured in the front and in the back. Socks must be worn at all times and must be visible.

Loyola High School Admissions Staff
Mr. Heath Utley – Admissions Director
Mr. Matthew Baham – Assistant Admissions Director
Mrs. Diane Arias – Administrative Assistant