Feast of All Souls: November

In Christian communities throughout the world, the Feast of All Souls is celebrated annually on November 2nd. This holy day commemorates all the faithful departed we have lost. 

Throughout November, the Loyola community will continue to pray daily for the souls of all those who have passed away, beginning a month-long remembrance of our loved ones. Please submit additional prayer requests here so they, too, will be a part of our daily Masses, special intentions and prayers. We will place these names at the altar in Clougherty Chapel.

Watch our All Souls Mass above or click here to view.


*If you would like to make a gift in memory of a loved one, please contact Principal Gifts Manager Mr. Mike Gilhooly ’88 at 213.381.5121, ext. 1327 or via email at mgilhooly@loyolahs.edu.