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Congratulations Class of 2020

Watch the Ceremony

A Message from
Principal Frank Kozakowski

The Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies honor the members of the Class of 2020 for the ways they have excelled as students, gentlemen, and sons of Loyola. They entered a very rich tradition four years ago when they began their Loyola careers as freshmen, and we are grateful for the manner in which so many members of this class have embraced Loyola’s tradition of excellence and service. We pray that they will continue to grow to be men of conscience, competence, and compassion as they move to the next set of challenges in their lives. We are most appreciative for your cooperation and collaboration with us over these past few years, and especially over the past three months as we navigated the new terrain of online learning. We know the sacrifice that parents have made on behalf of their sons, and we look forward to the opportunity to celebrate back on Loyola’s campus as friends and alumni.

Sincerely yours,
Mr. Kozakowski

"I Am Loyola"

piano solo performed by Cade Saucedo '20

music and lyrics by Jimmy Dunne

vocals by Loyola Liturgy Choir

photos by Fr. John Quinn, SJ and his Photography class

Watch & Listen Now
2 Loyola High School students measuring something in a science lab
A Message from our President on the Loyola Family and the 151st Commencement
Play 'A Message from Our President on the Loyola Family and the 151st Commencement'
Shout-Outs to the Class of 2020
Play 'Shout Outs to the Class of 2020'

Share a Story, Memory or Sentiment

These messages will be posted on our website and may also be used on social media or other outlets in order to celebrate and congratulate the class. We welcome videos, photos, or a written message.

Congratulate the Class of 2020

"Congratulations, Doug! I am so very proud of you, graduating from such a highly rated school! You persevered and did so well, be proud of yourself! Even more importantly, I am proud of the amazing human being that you are. Such a compassionate, thoughtful, deep, intelligent young man with character and heart is rare to find.

You've been an important part of my life since you were born and will be forever! I've always treasured our time together and I highly enjoy our conversations now. I'll be here for you at every step and I look forward to sharing in your life ahead. An incredible young man deserves an incredible life!"

Love you so much, KK

"Congratulations to Ramsay Goyal, our grand son—well done!"

Congrats Joe Shoe!!!!
We are so proud of young the young man you have become.

We love you,

Mom, Dad & Kiki

"Calvin Laughlin and Aidan Khare - we can’t wait to see how you change the world for the better!! #MenForOthers!!!"

Viiu Spangler

"Douglas -
We couldn’t be more proud of you. It seems like yesterday that you started Loyola High School and in a flash, you have become a graduate. You have become a very special young man that we know life holds great things for. Your sense of adventure, your inquisitive nature, and your desire to help others are just a few of your wonderful qualities that we have seen develop over the past four years. Thank you for all of the joy you have brought into our lives. We love you very much and Go Cubs!!!! #C4L"


Mom and Dad

Senior Spiritual Life

Aerial shot of Loyola High School Campus with downtown Los Angeles in the background
2 Loyola High School students measuring something in a science lab
Senior Service Project - Thank You
Play 'A Day in the Life Video'
2 Loyola High School students measuring something in a science lab
Kairos–Live the 4th
Play 'A Day in the Life Video'
Aerial shot of Loyola High School Campus with downtown Los Angeles in the background

Senior Spotlight

Ali A.

Alessandro A.

Jax a.

John a.

Leif a.

Daniel a.

David a.

Davis a.

Nicholas a.

Nicholas a.

Graham a.

Steven a.

Maximilian a.

Brian a.

Eric a.

Cicero a.

William a.

Jackson b.

Chadwick b.

Dante b.

Damian b.

ian b.

Benjamin b.

Miles b.

Geoffrey b.

Dominick b.

Cameron b.

Benjamin b.

Griffin b.

Nicholas b.

Sean b.

Ethan b.

Theodore b.

Elijah b.

Colby b.

Jacob b.

Diego b.

Evan c.

Colin c.

Frederik c.

Nicholas c.

Kenny c.

Peter c.

Ishan c.

John c.

Michael c.

Harry c.

Gionny c.

Quinn c.

Sebastian c.

Matthew c.

Cole c.

Drake c.

Jason d.

Giancarlo d.

Kyle d.

Aidan d.

Drake d.

Samuel d.

Grayson d.

Evan d.

Fred d.

Dylan d.

Chase d.

Peter d.

Weston D.

Ethan e.

Hayden e.

Keegan e.

Dominic e.

Javier e.

Jordi e.

Peter e.

Jack f.

Uriel f.

Carter f.

Ryan f.

Diego f.

Duke f.

Collin f.

Dashell f.

Connor f.

Jeremiah f.

Nicholas f.

Wyatt f.

Victor f.

Anthony f.

Javier g.

Oscar g.

Matthew g.

Seamus g.

Giovanni g.

Isaac g.

Nikko g.

Conor g.

Ramsay g.

Everett g.

Tomas g.

Riley g.

Samuel g.

Owen h.

Julian h.

Thomas h.

William h.

Dylan h.

William h.

Alex h.

Michael j.

Connor j.

Jerome j.

John j.

Luke j.

Andrew j.

Maxwell j.

Chandler j.

Aman j.

Evan j.

Sean j.

Michael j.

Noah j.

Maxwell j.

Alexander k.

christian k.

barret k.

william k.

aidan k.

eric k.

henry k.

matthew k.

john k.

ian k.

andrew k.

carson k.

joshua k.

william l.

christopher l.

samuel l.

seth l.

shawn l.

liam l.

jacob l.

roy l.

carl l.

mark l.

jacob l.

lucien l.

michael l.

connor l.

carter l.

thomas l.

samuel l.

liam l.

alan l.

gavin l.

estro l.

cameron l.

donald m.

daniel m.

lorenzo m.

bosko m.

matthew m.

michael m.

alexander m.

augustus m.

anthony m.

sean m.

shane m.

christopher m.

john m.

declan m.

brycen m.

finnbar m.

luis m.

mario m.

joshua m.

kirubel m.

dayne m.

john m.

william m.

patrick m.

eric m.

elijah m.

tristan m.

alexander m.

matthew m.

raul m.

jinho m.

blake n.

ryan n.

wyatt n.

brendan n.

max n.

conor o.

diego o.

finn o.

dylan o.

christopher o.

aidan o.

benjamin o.

robert o.

christopher p.

jackson p.

devin p.

kevin p.

andre p.

nicholas p.

brendan p.

massimo p.

octavio p.

aidan p.

skyle p.

daniel p.

aaron p.

gibson p.

ryan q.

joseph r.

nicholas r.

tyler r.

maximilian r.

travis r.

justin r.

frederick r.

nicolas r.

christopher r.

grant r.

david r.

gabriel r.

brendan s.

francisco s.

gabriel s.

ethan s.

michael s.

hunter s.

jackson s.

magnus s.

cade s.

joseph s.

michael s.

thomas s.

joe s.

jack s.

steven s.

issa s.

marshall s.

dara s.

seth s.

andre s.

luke s.

kenneth s.

carson s.

powell s.

douglas s.

john s.

thomas s.

nickholas s.

hayden s.

quinn s.

jude s.

matthew s.

daniel s.

anthony s.

shane s.

william s.

christian s.

jackson s.

nicholas t.

gregory t.

karlo_benedict t.

luca t.

steven t.

austin t.

william t.

luke t.

joseph u.

francisco u.

mariano U.

william v.

Garrett v.

joseph v.

roan v.

daniel v.

Ian v.

nolan w.

henry w.

joshua w.

finnegan w.

kamyron w.

charles w.

connor w.

grant w.

alexander w.

alexander w.

michael y.

beikwaw y.

lukas y.

derek y.

joshua y.

riley y.

christian z.

ryan z.

jonathan z.

daniel z.

harrison z.

adam z.

College Acceptance List

A Preview of the Graduation Car Parade

All photos available soon in a downloadable link.


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