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Safe Homes Initiative

In an effort to share the responsibility of sound decision-making with drugs and alcohol, Loyola’s Safe Homes Initiative asks parents to commit to maintaining an environment that discourages teen drug and alcohol use in their home.

In addition, it offers a forum where parents can feel comfortable contacting other parents about their knowledge of, or concern about, drug and alcohol use. The list of those families who disapprove of alcohol and drugs in their homes can be found below, offering an effective way for parents to network with each other during the year.

2019-2020 Safe Homes List

The Safe Homes Initiative is one of many ways that Loyola intends to be more proactive in assisting students and parents in making smart choices when it comes to drugs and alcohol. With transparency and shared concern for their wellbeing, the students at Loyola High School will develop a healthy and informed understanding of the temptations, risks, and potential consequences of alcohol and drugs in their social settings.

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