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Dwan Technology Center

Created in 2007, the Dwan Technology Center serves as a versatile space for students, faculty and staff to use for a variety of different purposes. The lab is divided into different areas each geared for different functions including small group discussions, large group meetings and individual work spaces. The lab also offers a variety of technology resources including printers and mobile tv carts. The Dwan Technology Center can be found in room H203.

The Dwan Technology Center is open for walk in student printing every school day before school and during recess. Students must have their own devices (laptop, tablet or phone) to print from. There are no devices available to print from.

The Dwan Technology Center is available to faculty and staff for classes or other events during normal school hours. Please see the reservations tab for more details.

The Dwan Technology Center may be reserved for classes, meetings and group activities. The following rules apply when reserving the Dwan Technology Center.

• Teachers must be present while their students are in the lab
• No storing of any items in the lab before or after the reserved time
• No food or drink allowed in the lab
• Furniture must be returned to it’s original position after use

All reservations for the lab must be made at least 24 hours in advance by emailing helpdesk@loyolahs.edu. Only Loyola faculty/staff are able to reserve the lab. If students wish to reserve the lab for a club or event they must do so through their moderator. Reservations are granted on a first come first served basis. Please refer to the calendar below to check on availability.

When using the Dwan Technology Center, please observe the following rules:

• No food or drink is allowed in the lab.
• If you rearrange tables, chairs or other furniture, please return it to its original location before you leave.
• Do not leave devices (computer, phone, etc…) unattended.

The Dwan Technology Center features several resources available for faculty, staff and students to use. The following resources are available for use in the lab:

Laser Printers
• Mobile TV carts
• Projector
• USB charging stations
• Whiteboards
• Reconfigurable desks and chairs

There are also resources that can be checked out and used outside of the lab. When checking out equipment, you are responsible for returning it in its original condition. To checkout any equipment, please email helpdesk@loyolahs.edu.The following resources are available for checkout:

• Video cameras
• Tripods
• Mobile TV carts
• Microphones

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