Graduation Information


In the teleconference with Dr. Ferrer last Friday, she announced that new guidance may soon be issued for indoor events.  It is my opinion the new guidance will require indoor masking for large group events. I will keep you posted on any new guidance that applies to Loyola events.

At this time, I continue to HIGHLY RECOMMEND that masks be worn for our Baccalaureate on Friday night. 


a)  There is no REQUIRED masking on campus at this time. Due to the size of the crowd, both indoors and outside the wearing of a mask is encouraged and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the protection of all especially our older guests. There is no requirement that any physical distance be maintained between guests. 

b)  There is no health screening required to enter campus; however, any individual who is sick or not feeling well should not attend. Both events will be live-streamed. 

c)  The City has approved our petition to close Venice Blvd of Saturday’s graduation.  Traffic on Venice Blvd will be one-way – eastbound with angle parking. You may enter Venice Blvd from Normandie Ave.  Follow the directions of our guards for parking. 

d)  We encourage the use of ride-share services. Use one of the following addresses: 

  • 1901 Venice Blvd. = front of campus but may be congested
  • 1414 S Kenmore Ave. = West side of campus on 15th Street, short walk, minimal traffic congestion.
  • 1322 Dewey Ave. = Dewey parking lot but could be very congested

e)  General rules for all events.

  1. No sun umbrellas during the actual ceremony. You may use them for protection from the sun BEFORE the graduation ceremony, but they must be taken down and placed under your seat when the ceremony begins. 
  2. Do not leave your seats during the ceremonies to take pictures, get a better view, or visit with friends. For safety and fire regulations we must keep aisles and pathways clear at all times. 
  3. Bathrooms: Caruso Hall, Pinney Hall (by library), Loyola Hall west basement (men only), Leavey Gymnasium, Ardolf Hall on ground floor (men), Hannon Science on ground floor (women). Signs will be posted with directions to the bathrooms.
  4. Leave the noisemakers at home.
  5. Both events will be live-streamed. We will provide on-campus viewing of the live stream in Otero Lecture Hall (A-100).



a) Graduation practice is Thursday, June 2 from 12:08 pm to around 2:00 pm. The actual end time is dependent upon practice. Attendance at practice is required for any graduate planning to attend the ceremony on Saturday. School dress code is in force. The four tickets for the graduation ceremony (priority seating) will be distributed at practice.

b) Seniors will pick up his gown. The gown is packaged in a bag and will need to be steamed or ironed to get the wrinkles out.

c)  Seniors will receive their yearbook and other materials at practice.

d)  We will practice the pronunciation of your son’s diploma name. Please encourage him to follow up with us if we don’t get it correct. 



The Baccalaureate on Friday, June 3 will be at 7:00 pm in Caruso Hall. Please carpool this evening and park in the Dewey lot. Graduates must arrive and be in their assigned classroom in Loyola Hall by 6:30 pm. The graduate will be dressed in his gown. No caps this evening. Graduates should not wear a jacket under the gown. Due to our indoor setting and crowd density, the wearing of a mask is encouraged and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the protection of all especially our older guests.  There is a strict limit of graduate plus four guests due to the seating capacity in Caruso Hall. The Baccalaureate will be live-streamed. RECEPTION after mass: Plan to stay for the reception in Malloy Commons after the Baccalaureate. This is a great event with plenty of photo opportunities!



a) Each graduate is given four tickets for first priority to the seating area until 8:45 am. We have enough seating for each graduate to invite four additional guests. There are no tickets given to these additional guests, and they will be admitted to the seating area approximately 15 minutes before the start of the graduation ceremony. Hayden Circle is open seating, and seats may not be reserved.  Lines will be formed for all non-ticketed guests. Lines will be formed on Venice Blvd and on the west side of Loyola Hall (between Loyola and Caruso Hall). Please follow the directions of the security staff. 

b) The Baccalaureate will be live-streamed.

c) The graduation ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 4 at 9:00 am in Hayden Circle. The ceremony typically takes about two hours. I would recommend allowing another hour for your son to take pictures and turn in his gown. He should keep the cap and tassel. Graduates must arrive and be in their assigned classroom in Loyola Hall by 8:30 am. Graduates should park in the Berendo and gym parking lots. Cap & gown, dress shoes and slacks are required. 

d)  Guests:  Parking is limited. Please carpool. Parking is available in lots on Dewey St, St Sophia Cathedral on Normandie, and on Venice Blvd.  There will be a campus map posted in the Principal’s blog. 

e)  There are three locations to enter campus depending on where you park. 

  1. Dewey Street Lot:  two entrances at the driveway guard station.  If you have been to campus you are familiar with this parking lot and entrance procedure. 
  2. St. Sophia Cathedral and Loyola West lots: entrance to campus at the corner of 15th Street and Kenmore St. 
  3. Main gate to Hayden Circle on Venice Blvd

Handicapped Parking. There are designated handicapped parking spaces in all lots. On Saturday morning we will add designated parking for handicap vehicles on Venice Blvd. Please follow the directions of our security and be prepared to show the California handicapped placard. 

f)  We have hired a professional photographer for the graduation ceremony to take candid pictures throughout the ceremony. The photographer will also be available in Malloy Commons for posed pictures against a variety of backdrops.

g) Dress for graduation Wear: Cap & gown, slacks and dress shoes. The gown must be turned in after the ceremony.  Seniors keep their caps. Students may want to bring a suit jacket to wear after the gown is turned in. The jacket can be left in the classroom for pick up after the ceremony. Students should leave in the classroom any adornments (leis, cords, banners).  These items may not be worn during the graduation ceremony but may be worn for pictures before or after the ceremony.  Special adornments purchased or issued by clubs or activities are not worn at graduation. The only items to decorate the cap & gown are the Loyola issued Cum Laude and Highest Honor cords and tassels.  These cords and tassels are distributed at graduation practice. Pins (CSF, Kairos, other clubs & activities or affiliations) can be added on the gown.

h) After the ceremony

Please remain seating after the graduates have processed out and meet your son in Malloy Commons.


Thank you.

We look forward to celebrating these special events with you.

Frank Kozakowski,