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Incoming Freshmen Placement Exams: Class of 2026


Class of 2026 – Math and Classical & Modern Languages Placement Exams 

Loyola High School’s Mathematics and Modern & Classical Languages Departments will offer placement exams on campus for incoming 9th graders on Sunday, May 15, 2022. Please follow the links below and carefully read the details and procedures for each exam. The Mathematics placement is mandatory, whereas the Modern & Classical Languages placement exam is optional and only reserved for students who have a broad knowledge of the language (Spanish, French, Mandarin or Latin) in which they would like to be tested.

For more information about the Mathematics exam, please contact Mathematics Dept. Chair Susan Torales: storales@loyolahs.edu

For more information about the Modern & Classical Languages exam, please contact Dept. Chair Cedric Ebiner: cebiner@loyolahs.edu


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