Interchange 49: Magical Mystery Tour

This year’s month-long Interchange event features a Beatles-inspired theme, specifically the well-known song, Magical Mystery Tour.

Learn more about tour stops, wish lists and how to participate at

Interchange’s warm-up act was two weeks of gathering items, donations and sponsorships from superstar fans like you. This will be followed up with our headliner — an online auction and a short virtual event starring some big-name personalities and exclusive live auction items. After the show, you will begin your Magical Mystery Tour at various Tour Stops throughout the city.

Let’s Come Together to Help deserving young men be a part of Loyola.
All You Need is Love.


Interchange is Loyola High School’s largest annual social event and most important fundraiser of the year. Loyola underwrites a quarter of all tuition costs and provides additional financial aid for almost 30 percent of the student population. Proceeds from Interchange fund those additional scholarships for students who would otherwise be unable to attend Loyola.