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Interchange 2024

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Interchange 51
“The Lights of Loyola”

Join us on Saturday, March 16, 2024 for this year’s Interchange Gala Auction, which is Loyola High School’s BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT fundraiser of the year.

We rely on your support!
Donations of auction items, cash donations or sponsorships are gratefully accepted. Interchange is crucial to the mission of Loyola as the proceeds from this event funds additional scholarships for almost 30 percent of the students who would otherwise be unable to attend Loyola.

Mass • 5:00 p.m.
The Gala • 5:30 p.m.
Cocktails • Dinner • Live Band • Dancing
Big Board • Silent Auction • Live Auction

To RSVP for Interchange, donate a gift, attend a gift gathering party or to become a sponsor,
please click the boxes below:

Your Invitation

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What is Interchange?

The Interchange Auction is Loyola High School’s largest annual social event and the MOST IMPORTANT school fundraiser of the year.

Why is it called Interchange?

In the fall of 1972, Fr. Patrick Cahalan, SJ, Loyola’s president at the time, proposed replacing the annual raffle and ticket drive with a spring gala auction. He called it “Interchange” because he believed the term was reflective of both Loyola’s location and its student body. Based in the heart of Los Angeles, Loyola is the “interchange” where people from every socio-economic, cultural and geographic corner meet to celebrate the contributions of our past, current and future Cubs. Members of our student body come from almost 200 zip codes in the greater Los Angeles area each  day.

Why do we need Interchange?

The funds raised from Interchange are crucial to the mission of Loyola. In keeping with the vision of St. Ignatius to make education accessible to all students, Loyola underwrites a quarter of all tuition costs and provides additional financial aid for almost 30 percent of the student population. The proceeds from Interchange fund scholarships for those students who would be unable to attend Loyola. It is because of Interchange that Loyola is able to keep tuition within the reach of so many young men deserving of the transformative power of a Jesuit education.

Who participates in Interchange?

The entire Loyola Community–including current and past parents, students and alumni, faculty and staff– join in support of Interchange. There are many different ways to be a part of this tremendous effort.

When is Interchange?

The event usually takes place in March. This year’s Interchange will be held on Saturday, March 16, 2024.

What happens at Interchange?

The evening begins with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres where hundreds of silent auction items are on display. Guests are invited to bid on the items they see there – which range from exotic getaways to fine wines and one-of-a-kind Cub memorabilia. The party then moves on to a gourmet dinner and the nail-biting, heart-thumping Live Auction, followed by live music and dancing.

What happens before Interchange?

The Interchange “season”—the period of time it takes to prepare and organize for the gala – begins at the end of January when the Interchange office on the Loyola campus officially opens. Over the following weeks, auction items are solicited to be gathered at Gift Gathering Parties. Back at the office, volunteers work tirelessly to prepare for the big event. We have volunteer teams in sponsorships, advertising, gift procurement, marketing, catalog, decor, and data entry. We are always looking for writers, copy editors, graphic designers, and photographers. Anyone who is willing to lend a helping hand is welcome.

How to Participate

What is a Gift Gathering Party?

Fr. Gregory M. Goethals, SJ ’73 cordially invites you to join him at our Gift Gathering Parties. Attend one of these casual, local and very fun parties, hosted in the homes of Loyola families to help us gather donations and get the party started. There is room for everyone but individual party sizes are limited. Click here to choose the location or date as reservations are taken in the order received.

If you are unable to attend these Gift Gathering Parties, we would be happy to accept your gift at any time that is convenient for you. Please contact the Advancement Interchange Office at 213.381.5121 x1915 or interchange@loyolahs.edu to make arrangements.

We are gratefully accepting item donations. If you would like to donate an item, please let us know as soon as possible to be listed in the online auction catalog.

What can I bring as a donation?

A gift to Interchange comes in many forms:

  • Sponsorship
  • Item Donation
  • Cash Donation
  • Or all the above

Didn’t make it to the Gift Gathering Parties?

No problem! Feel free to leave your donation with Security during business hours. Just attach the confirmation email received after donating online or complete the printable donation form here.

Want to contribute, but aren’t sure what to give?

Consider a cash donation. If your donation is used to supplement the auction, you will be listed as a donor. Please give now.

Become A Sponsor

To Become a Sponsor for Interchange 51, CLICK HERE.


  • Benefits determined on an individual basis
  • If applicable, 10 graduation seats available


  • One premier table of 10 at Interchange 50
  • Special selection of wine with dinner
  • VIP parking for you on the night of the event
  • Recognition from the podium at the event
  • Acknowledgement in the evening program
  • Acknowledgement on digital signage at the event
  • VIP expedited checkout


  • One preferred table of 10 at Interchange 50
  • VIP parking for you on the night of the event
  • Acknowledgement in the evening program
  • Acknowledgement on digital signage at the event
  • VIP expedited checkout


  • 6 tickets to Interchange 50
  • VIP parking for you on the night of the event
  • Acknowledgement in the evening program
  • Acknowledgement on digital signage at the event
  • VIP expedited checkout


  • 4 tickets to Interchange 50
  • VIP parking for you on the night of the event
  • Acknowledgement in the evening program
  • Acknowledgement on digital signage at the event


  • 2 tickets to Interchange 50
  • Acknowledgement on digital signage at the event

Donate an Item

What Kind of Items Are You Looking for?

We ask for unique items to make the live and silent auctions interesting and successful. Be creative. Sometimes it’s not what you have, but who you know! Perhaps you know someone who has a unique talent or experience to offer. Here are some types of gifts—not in any particular order—that tend to attract the most bids:

  • Concert, theatre or sporting event tickets
  • Fine jewelry
  • Autographed music, movie and sports memorabilia or other collectibles
  • Day trips, unique excursions (i.e. scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, skydiving, hot air ballooning and race car driving school)
  • Use of vacation homes
  • Golf outings
  • High-end electronics (i.e. watch, headphones, iPad)
  • Tickets to popular TV show tapings
  • Awards show passes (i.e. Grammys, Emmys, MTV Music Awards)
  • Wine (special collections) and wine tasting vouchers
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Passes to movie premieres
  • Professional chef-inspired intimate dinners in your home
  • Dinner and activity in your home (i.e. bocce ball, cooking class)
  • TV or movie set visits or walk-on/extra roles
  • Frequent flyer miles or airline vouchers or gift cards
  • Travel vacations and cruises
  • Hotel vouchers or gift cards
  • Spa experiences
  • Limo services
  • Approved Loyola-themed Items (i.e. painted ceramics, art, quilt, cooler, games)

We are gratefully accepting item donations.

Not sure? Contact us! We would be happy to discuss your donation with you at 213.381.5121 x1915 or interchange@loyolahs.edu

Myths vs Facts

MYTH: Interchange is just one night.

FACT: While the event is held on one evening, Interchange is a season, which includes gift gathering parties and fun opportunities to volunteer for the entire month before Interchange.

MYTH: My donation is too small to really make a difference.

FACT: EVERY donation is IMPORTANT. It is only through our combined generosity that Interchange succeeds.

MYTH: Interchange is only for current parents.

FACT: Anyone can go to Interchange–current parents, past parents, friends, alumni, community members all attend Interchange.

MYTH: I shouldn’t attend the Gift Gathering Party if I am not planning to attend the Auction itself.

FACT: Everyone who is able should attend a gift gathering party. It’s a fun way to get involved in Interchange.

MYTH: Volunteering for Interchange is a full-time job.

FACT: There are many ways to be involved. You can help for an hour or two during the month before the event, or become a member of one of our teams. As a volunteer you will meet and work with current and alumni parents from all over Los Angeles. You’ll get to know the Loyola staff, and you will be invited to join our President, Father Greg, at our volunteer lunch.

MYTH: Volunteering is only for current moms.

FACT: Everyone is welcome to volunteer. Many parents come back year after year to volunteer and connect with old friends.

MYTH: The Auction is only for large donors.

FACT: The Auction is for anyone who would like to participate. There are many silent auction items to bid on–in all price ranges.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Interchange 50.

For questions, please contact the Advancement Interchange Office via email at interchange@loyolahs.edu or at 213.381.5121, ext 1915.

Register Now

To get your tickets for Interchange 51, please CLICK HERE.


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