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Bus Transportation

Loyola High School provides daily bus service to the following routes:

Morning pickup times are approximately 6:05 AM to 7:30 AM depending on location. There are different return times and buses for each of the above routes. The first bus departs Loyola High School at various times between 2:30 and 3:30 depending on the bell schedule for that day. The second bus departs at 5:30 PM. The cost of the bus service is $2,100 per year (one time payment).

Newly Introduced Routes 2019-20

Now in Westchester, Brentwood and surrounding areas. Pick-up from Slauson and Sepulveda. There are openings for more students who would like to use our service. If you would like to register, please click here.

Loyola is also continuing its efforts in expanding its bus service in the future, and we intend to offer new bus routes to serve more areas in the Los Angeles area. If we can generate enough interest, we will secure the buses and routes. If you are interested, please follow this link here.

Set up Carpools with Loyola Families

Click here to log in to GoKid and search for carpool partners at Loyola. You can use the GoKid website to reach out to families and ensure your schedules match, then set up the carpool right there in the GoKid website. Once your carpools are set up, use the GoKid mobile app to manage your schedule, get reminders, message other families and more!

Don’t have an account yet? Locate the welcome email in your inbox titled “Carpooling for Loyola High School – Join Now!” or contact Transportation Coordinator Mr. Mike Barnhill (mbarnhill@loyolahs.edu) at 213-381-5121 x1205.

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