Dean’s Office



Consistent with the school’s Mission, the Office of the Dean at Loyola High School envisions a passionate Catholic Jesuit environment that supports students’ intellectual, spiritual, personal, and social development. We endeavor to reflect and promote a community where its members can study, compete, worship, serve, and socialize together. As members of this community, students are expected to respect standards of personal accountability and responsibility for the common good of the school, including:

  • Affirming the safety, security and health of others
  • Respecting diversity and an inclusive environment for all
  • Creating an atmosphere that encourages study, prayer, and reflection
  • Acting as stewards of the Loyola campus, and utilizing its resources responsibly
  • Admiring honesty and personal integrity
  • Forming healthy partnerships and using teamwork to accomplish common goals
  • Committing to the service of others

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Reporting Attendance

1. Planned Absence: If you know in advance that your son will miss one or more days of class, please call the Attendance Office in advance with details of the absence. The student will receive a planned absence form from the Dean, which he will get signed by his teachers and submit two days before the absence.

2. Unplanned Absence: There are two ways to report a student’s absence from school:
• A parent must call the attendance office (Ext. 1212) before 8:30 AM that day to report the reason for your son’s absence, or
• A parent must submit a note online via the attendance reporting from on the Q Parent Portal (after logging in, click “Attendance Reporting” link on the left side of the page). Once the Dean’s Office has received the attendance reports for the day, parents will receive a notification by way of email or text message to confirm receipt of the absence. Parents who do not report their son’s absence will receive a phone call from the school that day.

3. Planned Late Arrival or Early Departure: If your son must be excused from class for part of the school day, call the automated attendance line (Ext. 1212), before school begins on the day of the appointment, or a parent may submit an excuse note online via the attendance reporting portal in the Q Parent Portal (after logging in, click “Attendance Reporting” link on the left side of the page). Your son may also present a written note to the Dean’s Office at least 15 minutes before the start of the school day. Any communication must state the reason for and the time of the departure and whether he will return that same day. Students who must leave the school grounds for any reason during the school day must check out with the Dean’s Office before leaving campus.

4. Parent/Guardian Out of Town: If you will be out of town or otherwise unavailable for your son, please send a note to the Dean’s Office at least three days prior to your departure. Information supplied prior to such an occurrence should include the name and relationship of the person responsible during your absence, as well as the address and both home, work, and cell phone numbers for this individual. The beginning and ending date of this arrangement should also be noted.

Impact on Academic Standing

In some cases, a student’s attendance record may impact his academic standing. Loyola follows the following guidelines for ensuring that a student is accountable to attendance policies:

a) Written notification will be sent to parents when a student reaches his fourth non school-related absence in at least four of his seven academic classes.

b) Written notification will be sent to parents when a student reaches his sixth non school-related absence in at least four of his seven academic classes. This notification must be signed by a parent and returned to the Dean of Men. The Dean may also request a conference with the parents to discuss the absences.

c) When the eighth non school-related absence occurs, a further administrative conference may be held to determine possible disciplinary or academic consequences. Students missing eight or more days of class per semester in any given course are liable to lose academic credit for the semester.


Loyola High School strives to maintain an environment where students may develop their minds, bodies, and souls to meet the goals of the Graduate-at-Graduation. As members of the Loyola community, students should demonstrate respect and concern for themselves and others. Loyola’s Norms of Student Conduct establish both general and specific guidelines for the expectations of student behavior. The intent of enforcing these directives is to provide fair and consistent consequences that will facilitate personal growth and responsibility as Loyola students become Men for Others.


Secured parking at Loyola High School is provided at no cost to students. All drivers must register their vehicles with the Dean’s Office by printing out the Loyola High School Driving/Parking Contract, reading and signing it, and bringing it to the Dean’s Office along with the accompanying vehicle registration form which may be used to register up to five vehicles. Please register all vehicles that the student may drive so that he is prepared in the event of a car problem. The vehicle sticker for each car is provided by the Dean’s Office and must be affixed on the inside, lower left corner of the windshield.

Parents/Students’ Handbook

All Loyola parents and students are required to read the Parents’/Students’ Handbook. Once they have read the handbook, both the parent(s) and student should acknowledge their acceptance of the guidelines by completing the Parent/Student Handbook Agreement.

Media Release Form

Loyola High School is very proud of the positive activities, honors and achievements of our students. As a result, we are making every effort to promote these accomplishments through such vehicles as our local newspapers, radio and televisions stations, and through school publications as well as our website. During your son(s) high school years, there may be situations where they are interviewed and/or photographed. We understand, however that some parents may have objections to this. Please indicate your wishes by checking the appropriate box below. All Parent(s) must complete the Media Release Form.