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Intercambio Immersion Coordinator


Ana De Castro

Ana is a teacher of Spanish Language and Literature, and a member of the classical and Modern Language Department at Loyola High School.  She has been a teacher for more than 20 years and came to Loyola four years ago after having served in the Verbum Dei High School community in South Central, Los Angeles, for 13 years.  Ana herself is a product of a Jesuit education.  She believes that providing a student with a well-rounded education is critical to the student’s development as he finds his role and place in the larger society.   She was born in El Salvador, Central America, and moved to the United States after surviving a Civil War that lasted twelve long years. It is this very personal encounter with pain, struggle, abuse, poverty, and ultimately, death that moves her to promote causes that fight for a more just and humane society for all of its members.  This particular experience in Ana’s life has served her as a strong motivation to travel—for eight years–with student’s delegations as an organizer (Verbum Dei High School) to Ft. Benning, Georgia and for the past two years as chaperone (Loyola High School) to Washington D.C. to partake in the annual Ignatian Family Tech-In for Justice, a conference organized by the Ignatian Solidarity Network.  Her connection to this conference is personal and always moving, it began as a response to the killing of the 6 Jesuits and her two companions in her native El Salvador.  Ana loves to travel, read, write poetry and exercise.  Her passion to see other places and to meet new people has motivated her to be a chaperone/coordinator for Loyola’s Exchange (Intercambio) Language and Culture Program to Argentina and Uruguay for the last three years.

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