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Principal Search

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On July 31st, the Feast of St. Ignatius, Loyola High School President, Fr. Gregory M. Goethals, SJ, ’73 announced that as part of a comprehensive succession plan, Mr. Frank Kozakowski will step down as principal effective June 30, 2023. “Loyola will conduct a nationwide search for our next principal,” said Fr. Goethals.

Mr. Kozakowski is entering his 45th year as an educator. Thinking he would coach and teach at Loyola for a few years before he moved on to his dream of coaching football at the community college level, Mr. Kozakowski joined the Loyola faculty in September of 1978. Early on, his dedicated servant leadership was felt throughout the school community as he taught, coached and took on various leadership roles and responsibilities. He assumed the principalship in the fall of 2009 and has led the school through a period of significant growth and change. Mr. Kozakowski has been a dedicated educator and advocate for our students, and most recently, he has led the Loyola community through the ongoing time of pandemic with care and commitment to what is best for our students.

In June of 2021, Fr. Goethals awarded Mr. Kozakowski the President’s Award with Loyola’s highest honor that recognizes men and women who have been remarkable in assisting Loyola High School achieve the goals of Jesuit education. It is in a spirit of profound gratitude that we initiate the search for the next principal of Loyola High School.

The Opportunity Statement

The Opportunity Statement is based on Loyola High School community feedback and articulates the qualities Loyola is looking for in its next principal.

Opportunity Statement


If you are interested in this position or would like to nominate a potential candidate, please contact the Chair of the Search Committee, Ann Holmquist, and she will guide you through the application process. All inquiries and nominations will be considered and any outreach will be addressed promptly.

Contact Ann Holmquist

The Process

The Search process includes extensive and thoughtful outreach, analysis, research and assessment and is expected to take us through the end of 2022. A timeline has been established to guide this work and the Search Committee is committed to keeping the community apprised of its findings and providing regular updates while respecting the confidentiality of all candidates. This process consists of multiple steps:

Outreach and Analysis

The Search Committee has gathered information about the school community as well as its culture and in particular, our greatest challenges and opportunities. Using confidential listening sessions, one-on-one interviews and community-wide surveys in addition to interactions with Loyola’s leadership, we have gathered information that guided us in developing an “opportunity statement” which includes “roles, responsibilities and considerations”of the position. This will be used to identify the ideal character traits of the new principal.


We will maintain the utmost respect for the confidentiality of all candidates to conduct initial vetting through interviews and reference checks. Much of this work will be done within the Committee.

Assessment Phase 1

As the candidate pool narrows, the Search Committee will be actively engaged in learning more about all prospects, conducting preliminary confidential interviews and selecting finalists. During this phase it will be important to respect the wishes of all prospective candidates.

Assessment Phase 2

Finalists will be invited to campus for a slate of interviews and “meet and greets” with the community.


The Search Committee will present its assessment and recommendations to the President. The President will then be responsible for selecting a new principal to begin their tenure in July 2023.


After identifying the new principal, efforts will be made to assist the chosen candidate in the transition process, during the remaining months of the school year. The entire Loyola school community will play a major role in this transition.


'22 MAY

Early announcement to the faculty and staff of Loyola High School of the succession plan

'22 JULY

President’s letter to the school community / Chair announced

'22 AUG

Search Committee announced / Research and analysis / Surveys, listening sessions and information gathering

'22 SEP

Opportunity Statement published

Confidential Phase:
'22 NOV

November 1, 2022 Application Deadline

'22 DEC

Semi-final interviews

Public Phase:
'23 JAN

Finalists’ on-campus interviews

'23 FEB / MAR


Transition Phase:

The Search Committee

Fr. Gregory M. Goethals, SJ ’73
President, Loyola High School of Los Angeles
Ann Holmquist
Vice President for Mission and Search Committee Chair
Mollie Baumer
Board of Directors’ Educational Resources Committee Chair
Fr. Billy Biegler, SJ
Jesuit Superior / Faculty, Theology
Tom Cendejas
Faculty, Theology
Christine Moore
Faculty, English
Michael Porterfield ‘73
Faculty, Social Studies / Athletic Coach
Terence Stephenson
Director of Information Technology
Darrell Stewart ’78
Alumnus, former Director of the Board, Parent
Susan Torales
Department Chair, Mathematics
Vianney Truong ’10
Faculty Senator / Science Faculty
James Zucker ’91
Department Chair, Social Studies

Committee’s Mission Objective

The Search Committee’s objective is to conduct a nationwide search to recruit the most qualified candidates to bring forward for consideration by the President to become the next principal of Loyola High School.

N.b. The Committee will NOT select the Principal – they will recruit, vet and bring forward the best candidates and assist with the interview process. Loyola President, Fr. Gregory M. Goethals, SJ ’73 will make the final decision.

Search Committee Norms and Pledge

Search Committee members will:

  • proceed with a spirit of discernment.
  • maintain strictest confidentiality regarding all aspects of the committee’s work.
  • be honest, open and candid.
  • strive for the common good of Loyola High School over any personal or special interests / check for bias.
  • keep in mind that the principal reports to the president, and serves in apostolic partnership with the president to lead the school as an apostolate (a work) of the Society of Jesus, as a community of formation and learning, and as a business, therefore,
    • the principal should be Catholic
    • and, have an understanding/commitment to (preferably lived experience) Jesuit/Ignatian ways of proceeding
  • maintain awareness of the limits of the Search Committee’s role and responsibilities.
  • attend all meetings in full – be on time and prepared for the work at hand.
  • communicate in a timely manner should the unexpected arise.


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