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School Profile

Type of School: Loyola High School of Los Angeles, founded in 1865, is an all-male, four-year, Catholic college preparatory school conducted by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Typically, 99% of the graduates go directly to higher education, 96% to four-year colleges. Current enrollment is 1248 including a senior class of 311.

Faculty: Loyola’s 114 faculty members and administrative staff all hold professional degrees. The staff includes six faculty members at the doctoral level and 79 at the master’s level.

Accreditation and Memberships: Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Western Catholic Educational Association, Jesuit Secondary Education Association, National Catholic Education Association, the College Board, the Cum Laude Society, NACAC, WACAC.

School Community: Loyola is located in central Los Angeles and draws students from every area in the city and suburbs. Admission is by entrance examination, recommendations, and elementary school grades. Typically, 135 elementary schools, public and private, are represented in a freshman class drawn from an applicant pool representing over 240 schools. Approximately 45% of those who apply are enrolled. Loyola’s tuition is $18,700 in 2015-16. The Jesuit faculty contribution, endowment, financial aid, and fund-raising programs enable Loyola to attract students from a wide variety of economic and social backgrounds. Some 47% of the students are Latino, African-American, Asian, or Filipino. Loyola’s community is distinguished and enriched by its wide social, economic, and ethnic diversity.

Curriculum: The basic program required of all students includes eight semesters of English; seven of social science; six semesters each of mathematics, foreign language, science, and theology; and two semesters of fine arts. 135 hours of community service are required (50 hours in the sophomore and junior years plus an 85-hour immersion program in the senior year).

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