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Summer Reading

Following is the list of books your son is required to read this summer along with study questions to guide your son’s reading. There are two ​ways your son can address this assignment. Your son can read the books independently and take a comprehensive reading test during the first week of school​ in the fall. The grade for this test will be averaged as part of your son’s first semester grade. To ensure success on this comprehensive test, please encourage your son to read actively. To help your son to improve critical reading skills through active reading and to ensure success on the comprehensive test, please encourage your son to write out answers to ​reading guide questions for each text. These questions will be posted on our school’s website in June. Your son’s answers will not be read or checked by his teacher; the questions are a guide for his active reading.

In lieu of reading these books on his own and taking a test in the fall, your son can enroll in Summer Reading 9, 10, 11 or 12​, offered through the Loyola High School Summer Session​. For more information regarding this summer offering, please consult our website. A student who chooses this course of action is not required to take the comprehensive summer reading test on his return to Loyola in the fall. Instead, the grade he earns in his summer reading class will count as his grade for the summer reading test administered at the start of school. Your son has the option of taking the test if he believes he might score higher on the test than he did on his summer school work.

These books are available at lhs.shelfit.com.

We in the English Department thank you for your support in this endeavor.

Click here to download the Summer Reading guide.

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