Yearbook Self-Portraits for Classes of 2022, 2023, 2024 (Due Feb. 28)

All freshmen, sophomores and juniors must follow the directions below in order to have their pictures included in this year’s yearbook. Please use this link for Hi5 Selfie Portraits:

Students will simply need to add their ID number in the prompt and that will take them to the photo intake page, which will further guide them to uploading the desired content. All photographs will be vetted and then followed up to retake if instructions are not followed. Pictures must be submitted by February 28th.

Self-portraits should contain: collared shirt with tie; combed hair; face forward; proper lighting (light on the subject); non-distracting background (blank wall); and a smile! If not followed, students will be notified that they need to retake their photo.


For Seniors: Contact Sunset Photography ASAP and select the proof that you would like submitted via email at or (714) 697-6426. Additionally, be sure to fill out the Senior Quote Google Form sent by Mr. Roberts.