St. Ignatius Guild

About the St. Ignatius Guild

The St. Ignatius Guild consists of alumni mothers and works to provide financial support for teachers’ sabbaticals and continuing education programs in appreciation of all the faculty had done for our sons during their four years at Loyola.

This year, Father President has specifically asked the SIG to fund Campus Ministry and Community Service Programs, including activities like Kairos, Freshman Retreats, HSPT, and Urban Plunges. Events the SIG held or participated in this year include the SIG luncheon, Preview Night, Alumni Dinner, the Women’s Day of Recollection (hosted by the Mothers’ Guild) and the High School Placement Tutoring (HSPT) program. The SIG also assists with the Interchange auction, Alumni Golf Tournament and the Alumni Communion Brunch.

“The St. Ignatius Guild provides an opportunity for all mothers of Loyola alumni to stay connected,” says former guild president Janine Colich. “It also serves as a forum to express our appreciation to the school for teaching our sons to be men for others.”

You are invited to continue the fun and fellowship you found and enjoyed from your time at Loyola by supporting the St. Ignatius Guild (SIG).

PARTICIPATE Volunteer for the activities listed on the "Register" tab. Consider these opportunities to return to Loyola and lend a helping hand. Your support is much needed and always appreciated!

SUPPORT Donate an annual contribution of $25 OR consider $500 to be become a Lifetime Benefactor. Lifetime Benefactors receive one complimentary admission to Preview Night and invitations to certain Loyola High School VIP events.

ATTEND RSVP for the Annual St. Ignatius Guild Luncheon on Wednesday, February 15th.

To get involved, visit the "Register" tab above.

History of the St. Ignatius Guild

Founded in late 1982 by a dedicated and involved group of alumni mothers, the St. Ignatius Guild (SIG) functions as a unique support group for Loyola High School. During their first meeting on January 24, 1984, SIG founders, Joanne Bland, Kay Boyle, Jo Breen, Bitsy Hotaling, Carolyn Padden and Bette Rice, presented an idea to Loyola President Rev. Patrick J. Cahalan, S.J. that would encourage alumni mothers to stay connected to Loyola and one another. Membership in the SIG would be open to mothers of all Loyola graduates and would serve as a continuing source of support to the school. Because the SIG founders were so appreciative of the impact the Loyola faculty had on their sons, it was agreed that proceeds from dues and SIG functions would be designated to faculty professional development programs and opportunities.

During the first few years, the SIG hosted only two functions; an annual luncheon (held every January) and the Mothers’ Day of Recollection during Lent. As time passed and the SIG grew in membership, the events and responsibilities expanded to include hosting Preview Night for the Loyola High School Mothers’ Guild Annual Spring Luncheon, coordinating setup for the annual Alumni Dinner, assisting with the annual Alumni Golf Tournament and annual Alumni Family Mass, volunteering for Loyola High School Community Service projects and helping the President’s Office when called upon. During the 2003-2004 academic year, the SIG initiated a Lifetime Member category to help further support the SIG’s role in contributing to the faculty endowment fund.

The current co-presidents of the St. Ignatius Guild is Elita Balfour, mother of Thomas '10, and Peggy Breen, mother of Brendan '15.