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Office for Mission

Animating the Mission…

“To inspire students to become men of faith, scholarship, service, and leadership”



Grounded in Faith, Open to Growth

“To give students of all faiths a profound, life-changing experience that focuses on God’s unconditional love and a deeper understanding of themselves as persons of faith.”

The Grad at Grad: Religious and Open to Growth


Compassionate Minds, Intelligent Hearts

“To thoughtfully and intentionally integrate the fullness of human experience through spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical development.”

The Grad at Grad: Intellectually Distinguished and Loving


For and With Others

“To be informed by a faith that does justice. To challenge our students to be ‘Men for and with Others.’ To be in companionship with–and learning from–the disenfranchised, the marginalized and the most in need. To serve as Jesus did.”

The Grad at Grad: Committed to Justice


Contemplatives in Action

“To develop young men who are compassionate, intellectually distinguished and morally courageous. To create students who become impactful ‘agents of change’ for the world.”

The Grad at Grad: Developing as Leaders


Living the Mission…

Join Us!

Office for Mission

Ann Holmquist
Vice President for Mission x1511

Bob Stephan
Director for Ignatian Formation and Adult Spirituality x1520

Christine Grimes
Administrative Coordinator, Office for Mission x1521

Pray With Us

Daily Examen: A form of Ignatian prayer done each school day during the seasons of Advent and Lent. You can pray along with us using these videos.
Advent Prayer Book: An annual collection of reflections on the readings and themes of the Advent Season.
Days of Reflection: The Loyola Mothers’ Guild Advent Morning of Reflection, Spring Day of Reflection and other retreat opportunities.

Learn With Us

Ignatian Conversation Speaker Series: Transformative Wisdom for the 21st Century. A monthly series with members of our Ignatian Los Angeles community.

Discernment in Action Series: Features Loyola faculty and staff reflections on discernment in their teaching, research and personal lives.

Act With Us

Faith doing Justice Discernment Series: An opportunity for people at every level of Jesuits West apostolates to come together to act more powerfully in their work for justice.

Local Service: Periodic opportunities to engage with the local community done in collaboration with Loyola’s Center for Service & Justice.

Inflammate Omnia

Ignatian Year Prayer

Saint Ignatius of Loyola,
Your name means ignite, to inflame.
Set our hearts on fire
To know Jesus more intimately,
Love Jesus more intensely,
To follow more closely.

May the Holy Spirit
who animated your conversion
guide our next steps.

Help us to create all things anew in Christ
Knowing that God’s love and grace are enough.

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Journey With Ignatius
A Call to Collaboration
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