Vision, Mission, and Core Values

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Loyola High School of Los Angeles will continue to be recognized as a premier Catholic Jesuit learning community for the 21st century, preparing young men to create a world of justice, peace, truth and love.


Loyola High School of Los Angeles, a Catholic Jesuit college preparatory school, inspires students to become men of faith, scholarship, service and leadership.

Core Values

Loyola’s core values include belief in and intentional effort toward imbuing:

  • Faith – Loyola exists to give students of all faiths a profound, life-changing experience of God’s unconditional love and a deeper understanding of themselves as persons of faith.
  • Jesuit / Ignatian Spirituality – Rooted in the Catholic faith, the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius comprise the core of the Jesuit/Ignatian charism that focuses on loving service to one’s God and neighbor, in and through the discovery of one’s gifts and talents to be shared with the world.
  • Formation of the Whole PersonCura Personalis is a Latin phrase meaning “care for the person” that thoughtfully and intentionally integrates the fullness of human experience through the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of our students during their four years at Loyola and beyond.
  • A World Affirming Perspective – Jesuit education includes a spiritual dimension, which sees creation as good. It promotes dialogue between faith and culture, fostering the capacity for critical and original thinking while appreciating the gifts of life.
  • Diversity – Loyola seeks to create and sustain a vibrant, inclusive community that reflects the expansive demographics and rich mixture of persons who live in Southern California.
  • Scholarship – Loyola builds a culture of lifelong learning and inquiry through a rigorous and innovative college preparatory curriculum.
  • Service – Informed by a faith that does justice, Loyola challenges our students to be “Men for and with Others,” to serve as Jesus did, by being in companionship with, and learning from, persons who are disenfranchised, marginalized and the most in need.
  • Leadership – Loyola develops young men who are intellectually distinguished, morally courageous and compassionate in the service of becoming impactful “agents of change” for the world.