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Bookstore Information

2015-05-26 18.57.00

Welcome to Loyola’s Bookstore webpage! My name is Jerry Frumento ’79 and I am a full-time Theology teacher here at Loyola and I am the physical Bookstore on campus. I coordinate with the faculty to provide you with the information you need to procure all the books and some materials needed for all your courses. Feel free to contact me at jfrumento@loyolahs.edu

Loyola currently does not have a physical bookstore on campus, but all of your books may be purchased through our online virtual bookstore. Loyola High School has partnered with Edtech, at lhs.shelfit.com. Here you will be able to purchase all your books for all of your classes. Buying your books through Edtech, (lhs.shelfit.com) is your easiest and most efficient way to get what you need all in one location. Once our students register at lhs.shelfit.com, all of his books required for all of his courses will appear.  Our computer system links his Loyola email address to his course schedule and to the required books for those courses. (Students: Your Loyola email is needed to register and create an account with lhs.shelfit.com) Then, it is simple to select what is needed, go through the check-out procedures and the ordering process is completed.

Many people try to find books cheaper, and this is good. Before lhs.shelfit.com opens on July 18, 2023, there is our annual used book sale on July 8, 2023.  Here, students and parents come together to buy and sell to each other, much like a thrift fair. Although this is not an official Loyola sponsored event, Loyola does provide a place and time on campus for this to occur. (see above for more information) Also, you may search a variety of websites to purchase books on your own anywhere. Then, after you have exhausted your search for less expensive alternatives, you can always finish up at lhs.shelfit.com to get what you were unable to find elsewhere. Always make sure the books you are purchasing on your own, whether from the Loyola’s used book fair or online, that the ISBNs match the ones on the official updated Booklist published on this site.  The Official Booklist is located at the top of this site.

All e-books must be purchased through lhs.shelfit.com. Those titles will be listed as “course required material” at checkout. They will all be housed on the student’s bookshelf at lhs.shelfit.com and can be accessed anytime anywhere on their computers through the internet.

Again, please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance at jfrumento@loyolahs.edu.


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