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Global Education

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Experience Learning Beyond the Classroom

Loyola is part of a global network of schools and our students are invited to recognize themselves as part of a universal body with a universal mission. Loyola’s work with Jesuit schools in North America and around the world calls us to collaborate with Jesuit partners and to recognize that intercultural competency is rooted in a deep understanding of our shared humanity.

Loyola has established an Office for Global Education to support the momentum of the Jesuit Schools Network to enhance collaboration, experience learning beyond the classroom, and to educate Global Citizens of the future.  The Jesuit Secretariat for Secondary Education defines Global Citizens as “those who continually seek to deepen their awareness of their place and responsibility in an increasingly interconnected world, both locally and globally; and stand in solidarity with others in the pursuit of a sustainable earth and a more humane world as true companions in the mission of reconciliation and justice.”

“Ideally, each human being, or each people, should feel like a part of humanity, and be aware of their own culture (enculturation), without making it absolute. They should do so critically, joyfully acknowledging the existence of other human beings with different cultures (multiculturality), and establishing relationships of equality with them, enriching themselves with a diversity of cultures that includes their own (interculturality). Universality experienced in this way may become a way of promoting social justice, fraternity and peace.”

Fr. Arturo Sosa Superior General of the Society of Jesus; Rio 2017

For more information contact:

Mr. Daniel Annarelli
Director of Global Education 213.381.5121, ext. 1217


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