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General Contact Information

For more information, questions or assistance on a specific department at Loyola High School, we encourage you to contact the names listed below. Please click to email or after dialing our main phone number at (213) 381-5121, use the necessary extension below of the department you are trying to reach.

Admissions: Alexandra Kimball, Email, ext. 1202
Advancement: Skyler Wight, Email, ext. 1305
Athletics: Mallory Rawson, Email, ext. 1517
Attendance: Jorge Torres, Email, ext. 1205
Campus Ministry: Rachel Brown, Email, ext. 1715
Caruso Hall: Rodney Drouillard, Email, ext. 1904
Counseling: TBA
Cub Cash: TBA
Cub Corner: Blanca Falcon, Email, ext. 1803
Dean’s Office: Jorge Torres, Email, ext. 1205
Facilities Management: Michael McDermott, Email, ext. 1902
Financial Aid: Michael Boehle, Email, ext. 1318
Human Resources: Debbie Rivera, Email, ext. 1726
Learning Center: Fran Marrick, Email, ext. 1500
Main Office: Jenavi Hernandez, Email, ext. 1220
Office for Mission: Christine Grimes, Email, ext. 1521
President’s Office: Melinda Wiggins, Email, ext. 1301
Principal: Jamal Adams, Email, ext. 1203
Registrar: Rosie Morales, Email, ext. 1208
Security: Abel Galarza, Email, ext. 1900
Student Activities: Carol Hampson, Email, ext. 1509
Technology: Jorge Gonzalez, Email, ext. 1722
Z’Licious, Student Food Services: Michael Boehle, Email, ext. 1318

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