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Graduate at Graduation

Our Graduates Are…

Open to Growth

A graduate of Loyola High School of Los Angeles has accepted responsibility for intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, social and personal growth. He has developed an appreciation for the diversity of his surrounding community as well as the world at large.

Intellectually Distinguished

A graduate of Loyola exhibits mastery of a four-year college preparatory curriculum and goes beyond intellectual excellence to incorporate Gospel values in the light of Ignatian heritage.


A graduate of Loyola shows a basic knowledge of Scripture, doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church while examining personal religious beliefs. The graduate explores and develops faith through further study, participation in a faith community and prayer experience.


A graduate of Loyola has begun to establish his own identity and move beyond mere self-interest by forming deeper relationships with others, valuing personal friendships and embracing his relationship to the greater community.

Committed to Justice

A graduate of Loyola is aware of the many needs of local and global communities. He is beginning to use his time and talents to work toward the further development of a just society in light of Ignatian ideals. The graduate is preparing to take his place in the community as an accomplished, concerned, compassionate and responsible “Men for and With Others.”

Developing as a Leader

A graduate of Loyola is aware of and practices the basic skills that facilitate leadership and collaboration. The graduate has had opportunities to exercise such leadership and collaboration in academics, co-curricular and campus ministry.

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