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Hannon Theatre Company

The Hannon Theatre Company is a college preparatory, dramatic arts program sponsored by Loyola High School, and featuring the talents of the best young performing artists in Los Angeles. HTC welcomes men from the Loyola High School community and women from any secondary institution in Southern California to perform on stage and work behind the scenes.

Hannon Theatre Company’s Mission Statement

Hannon Theatre is a special place. On its expansive stage, young artists from all over Los Angeles collaborate to create productions renowned for their professionalism and innovation. In its seats, audience members witness creativity they rank with the best theatre companies in Southern California. But first and foremost, in its rehearsal halls and technical shops, our members grow personally, academically, and spiritually due to a shared sense of mission. Our students and teachers commit themselves to working together, bringing theatre to life which resonates with meaning and purpose.

Our mission is to bring significant theatrical literature to life and our mandate is to provide the most professional-caliber theatrical experiences possible. By forging inventive storytelling, we challenge our performing, technical, designing, and creative teams to discover their artistic spirit for the greater glory of God.

We invite you to join us for compelling theatrical experiences produced with energy, creativity, soul, and a lot of fun.

For more information about how to become involved in HTC’s upcoming projects, either contact our Artistic Director, Walter Wolfe at wwolfe@loyolahs.edu or go to its independently run website unaffiliated with Loyola High School at www.hannontheatre.com.

For showtimes and ticket information, HTC’s Box Office can be accessed through the HTC website.

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