Loyola High School Counseling Department Overview 

LHS students are assigned a counselor upon admittance to the school.  This counselor will remain with the student over the next four years (and sometimes beyond!)

Counselors at LHS support their students in a variety of ways.  Students will find their counselor helpful in academic matters; when tackling issues of time management, or working with their teachers.  Counselors can also help students navigate personal issues they may face with their friends, at home or in other non-school settings.  And of course the counselor will be there to help in the preparation for college matriculation.  Counselors can help students with a variety of components involved in the college search process including: strategies for researching colleges, determining a college admissions testing strategy, working on college essays, preparing for the financial aid process and making a final decision about where to attend college after graduation.

The counseling team at LHS has over 200 years of experience preparing students for success in high school, college and beyond.  We look forward to meeting you!


On Wednesday, October 10, when seniors have no class due to the PSAT, etc. testing for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, Loyola Marymount University will be hosting an annual event just for Loyola High seniors called Cubs on Campus, a unique opportunity to see LMU up close.

Cubs on Campus begins with breakfasts at 8:45 AM. You’ll be joined by some recent Loyola alumni who now attend LMU. After breakfast, you’ll have the chance to sit in on a class, and then more Loyola alumns will pick you up and give you a tour of campus, including residence halls, the library, athletic facilities, and other areas they’ve found to be interesting and important. Of course this gives you the chance to talk wtih them about their experience here at LMU. You’ll wrap up the visit with lunch, and be finished in time to get back to school if you have practice, meetings or any other obligations in the afternoon.


In an effort to help support all LHS students, we offer the LHS Peer Tutoring Program. Designed to support students academic endeavors in concert with LHS faculty, students may ‘drop in’ for tutoring sessions at designated times, or sign up with a specific student tutor.

It is the philosophy of the entire LHS community, that students who are struggling in any of their classes, first go to their instructors during their office hours to seek assistance in that course. The LHS Peer Tutoring Program is designed to provide additional support for these students. It is not meant to take the place of seeking assistance from a student’s classroom teacher.

Click here for more information on Peer Tutoring.

A CEEB code is a standardized ID number assigned to a high school or university by the Educational Testing Service. This four to six digit codes are used by the College Board and ACT. Loyola High School’s CEEB code is 051685.