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Department Overview 

Loyola students are assigned a counselor upon admittance to the school. This counselor will remain with the student over the next four years (and sometimes beyond!)

Counselors support their students in a variety of ways. Students will find their counselor helpful in academic matters; when tackling issues of time management, or working with their teachers. Counselors can also help students navigate personal issues they may face with their friends, at home or in other non-school settings. And of course, the counselor will be there to help in the preparation for college matriculation. Counselors can help students with a variety of components involved in the college search process including: strategies for researching colleges, determining a college admissions testing strategy, working on college essays, preparing for the financial aid process and making a final decision about where to attend college after graduation.

The counseling team here at Loyola has over 200 years of experience preparing students for success in high school, college and beyond. We look forward to meeting you!


A CEEB code is a standardized ID number assigned to a high school or university by the Educational Testing Service. This four to six digit codes are used by the College Board and ACT. Loyola High School’s CEEB code is 051685.

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