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Student Health

Updated July 23, 2020:

Parents and students, please read the following letter regarding 2020-21 requirements from Director of Student Health, Mr. Tim Moscicki.

Dear Parents,

During the current COVID-19 crisis, Loyola High School has modified the normal student health requirements for the 2020-2021 school year. The health and wellness of Loyola’s students and family is our top priority. Loyola is committed to promoting the physical and mental well being of students. There are several requirements that Loyola has for ALL students on a yearly basis. Please read thoroughly.

Current Immunization form (required by State Law): Should be sent by your son’s current school with final transcripts. Information on immunizations can be located under the “Immunization” tab. This is a state law and we MUST have your son’s immunization record on file before the first day of school. 

Annual Physical Exam (completed by licensed MD): Please see the “Physicals” tab for detailed information. 

Annual Concussion Baseline (completed at Loyola): Information about how to complete the necessary concussion baseline requirements are located under the “Baseline” tab.

Other information about health-related issues and updated information about COVID-19 can also be found in the tabs on this page. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at tmoscicki@loyolahs.edu.

Thank you, 

Tim Moscicki, ATC

Director of Student Health | Head Athletic Trainer


During this time of unprecedented closure and social distancing, it is important to keep informed and updated with current and correct information. There are numerous reports, studies, news clips, social media posts that are inaccurate and can cause added stress and panic. Please limit yourself to the news and social media frenzy. Below are posted links that you can use for reliable and updated information. This should be your primary source for information dealing with COVID-19.  

The following is information as it relates to Loyola High School:

1. Your health is our number one primary concern.
2. There are still numerous other illnesses going around, if you should feel ill please call your doctor and talk to them first. Not every illness is COVID-19. People are still suffering from the flu, bronchitis, allergies, etc.
3. If your doctor suggests you need a COVID-19 test, please get one. Numerous sites perform them, which you can find here.
4. Please notify Mr. Utley (hutley@loyolahs.edu) and Mr. Moscicki (tmoscicki@loyolahs.edu) immediately if you are suspected of, or test positive for COVID-19. We will contact you directly. Please include your phone number and a number to call your parents.  
5. It is not necessary to contact your teachers directly. We will make sure teachers are notified and will coordinate your classwork in a manner that is manageable and sensible.    

Here are additional links that you should be using for accurate and reliable information:

Los Angeles Department of Public Health
California Department of Public Health
City of Los Angeles COVID-19 Info/Volunteer/Updates

PHYSICALS (Pre Participation Exams)

ALL Loyola students are required to complete and turn in an annual physical form (PPE).

This year, Loyola will NOT be performing physicals on campus. Please contact your physician, or visit an Urgent Care or CVS Minute Clinic to have them completed.

If your son is planning on participating in Football, Cross Country, Volleyball or Water Polo: Physicals are due by August 24, 2020. ALL other student physicals are due by October 1, 2020.

The physical form can be found here. Please note that in order for the form to be valid, the office stamp of the medical provider MUST be on the form. Please make an appointment with your physician. There are several ways you can submit your son’s physical form to Loyola High School (see below). Before submitting, please make a copy for your own records.

Send via Mail to Loyola High School
ATTN: Tim Moscicki AT
1901 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90006

Submit form through our health gathering website:
Under the attachment tab, select “UPLOAD” and attach forms. Instructions to log in to www.swol123.net can be accessed here.

Submit via email to tmoscicki@loyolahs.edu or studenthealthadmin@loyolahs.edu

Once we receive the completed physical form, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact the Student Health Office at studenthealthadmin@loyolahs.edu.


California State Law mandates that all students MUST turn in a copy of their immunization records prior to attending their first day of classes. Students who do not have proof of immunizations could be sent home until a copy is received by school.

There are several ways to make sure this is completed:
1. The current/previous school should send immunization records with students final transcripts. Please contact your school to see if they are sending them.
2. Call your physician and have them make a copy of immunization records.
3. If you have an official copy of immunization records, you may send a copy to Loyola.

At this time, the only way to send the Immunization Forms to Loyola is via email. Please send completed forms to studenthealthadmin@loyolahs.edu or tmoscicki@loyolahs.edu

Please email Mr. Tim Moscicki at tmoscicki@loyolahs.edu with any questions.


All concussion baselines are completed with the Loyola Athletic Training Staff. There are several baselines (ImPACT, KD, SCAT5) that Loyola High School uses. This year, some of the baselines can be completed remotely.

Freshmen and Juniors: The ImPACT baseline can be completed at home. Students will receive an email from ImPACT Support in their Loyola email inboxes. Please follow all instructions. Once you complete the baseline, please notify us at studenthealthadmin@loyolahs.edu so we can verify that your Baseline is valid. If you have not received the email, please check your spam folder or contact Mr. Moscicki at tmoscicki@loyolahs.edu.

ALL students for the other required baselines: You will receive an email from Student Health in the next few weeks to set up a time to complete baselines with us. Please note that we will be scheduling baselines by sport and level in the following order:

Varsity Football
Varsity Water Polo
Varsity Volleyball
Varsity Cross Country
JV Football
JV Water Polo
JV Volleyball
Junior Cross Country
Freshman Football
Freshmen Water Polo
Freshman Volleyball
Frosh/Soph Cross Country

All other sports will be completed at a later date. Please email Mr. Tim Moscicki at tmoscicki@loyolahs.edu with any questions.


Student Health

Tim Moscicki
Director of Student Health x1617

Joe Cardenas
Assistant Athletic Trainer x3105

Adrianna Medina
Assistant Athletic Trainer x3114

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