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Information Technology


Loyola High School strives to implement technology that creates a learning environment where students can grow, learn and collaborate. The Information Technology Services (ITS) department is responsible for the implementation and administration of critical technology resources including network infrastructure and technology services such as Google Workspace and Canvas. We also provides training and support to our faculty and staff to help them best utilize technology at Loyola High School.


Loyola High School utilizes Apple devices and services for instruction both on and off campus. All students are required to use an Apple Macbook on campus. All incoming students are required to purchase their own Apple MacBook in new condition prior to their first day of instruction. Detailed information regarding technology requirements can be found here.

Information Technology Services

Fadi Bayaa
Systems & Network Administrator x1720

Ken Chan
Network & Systems Administrator x1721

Jorge Gonzalez
Technology Support Specialist 1722

Bren Wells
Information Systems Administrator x1402

The confidentiality, integrity and availability of Loyola High School systems and data is vital for the school to operate on a day to day basis. All employees of Loyola High School are responsible for reporting all potential IT security incidents in a timely manner. Examples of IT security incidents that should be reported include:

  • Password alternations not initiated by the user
  • Internet browser pop-ups that cannot be closed
  • Computer infection from a virus, spyware or other malicious software
  • Missing physical files that contain data that is sensitive, restricted or internal
  • Loss or theft of Loyola High School issued computer hardware

All potential security incident should be reported to the the Information Technology Services (ITS) Director. To report loss or theft of physical data (files, documents, etc) please contact the Director of Human Resources.


Loyola High School provides technology resources to its students for the purpose of enhancing and supporting student learning. These resources include but are not limited to internet access, Wi-Fi connectivity and Google Workspace Access to these resources is a privilege, not a right. The purpose of the Responsible Use Policy is to ensure available, reliable and secure technology resources at Loyola High School. 


As a Catholic, college-preparatory school, Loyola High School students are expected to use technology resources in a manner consistent with the expectations of the “Norms of Student Conduct” in the Parents’ & Students’ Handbook. Loyola High School reserves the right to take disciplinary action if a student uses technology resources to engage in any activities that meet any of the following criteria:

  • Creates security and/or safety risks for Loyola High School’s network, data, users or community such as exposing private information of Loyola students/faculty or exposing network vulnerabilities that would leave Loyola susceptible to outside attacks.
  • Lack legitimate educational content or purpose.
  • Is an activity deemed inappropriate in the eyes of the teacher or Loyola administration. 

In addition, students are expected to adhere to the following guidelines when using Loyola High School’s technology resources:

  • Respect and protect self and others.
    • Never share personal passwords.
    • Do not distribute private information about self or others.
  • Respect the role of technology in the classroom
    • Always adhere to the individual policies of teachers for technology use in the classroom
    • Students are prohibited from engaging in the following online activities in the classroom without explicit permission from their teache
      • Gaming
      • Accessing streaming video and/or audio content (Netflix, Spotify, etc)
      • Digital commerce (buying or selling of goods and/or services)
      • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc)
  • Respect and protect the integrity, availability, and security of electronic resources.
    • Use Loyola High School’s technology resources for educational purposes.
    • Report security risks or violations to Loyola High School’s Information Technology Services (ITS) department or to a teacher or administrator.
    • Respect copyright laws.
  • Uphold Loyola’s Academic Integrity policy as outlined in the Parents’ & Students’ Handbook.  If a student has any questions about whether or not his behavior with technology, or in connection with technology, could be a violation of academic integrity, it is solely his responsibility to ask his teacher or a Loyola administrator.  

Network Security

Loyola High School has implemented various security measures and policies to secure its network and filter inappropriate content. Students are responsible for any content (software, plug-ins, etc) that they download or utilize on their devices. In the event that this content may compromise the security and safety of the Loyola High School’s network, the student is solely responsible for his part in creating this security risk. Students must take responsibility for their use of Loyola High School’s network resources and will be held accountable for any deliberate attempt(s) to circumvent any security and/or filtering measures that have been implemented. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Downloading or attempting to introduce malicious and/or illegal applications into the network, devices or servers (viruses, worms, Trojan horses, email bombs, torrents, illegal streams, pirated software, etc.).
  • Attempting to log into a device or system as a teacher or administrator.
  • Logging into another student’s account (Google, Canvas, etc).
  • Revealing account information such as usernames and passwords to others.
  • Enabling security breaches or disruptions of network communications including but not limited to:
    • Logging into a device or account that the student is not expressly authorized to access.
    • Executing any form of network monitoring.
    • Circumventing user authentication or security of any device, network resource or account.
    • Downloading software and/or media in violation of copyright laws.
    • Knowingly disabling wi-fi and/or bluetooth connectivity on a student’s computer.
    • Using a personal hotspot, proxy, vpn or other wireless devices that bypass or circumvent Loyola High School’s network security measures<

Google Workspace

Loyola High School provides all students with a Loyola branded Google account which provides access to Google Workspace. This includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides. As representatives of Loyola High School, students must always use these accounts in a manner consistent with the Mission and Values of Loyola High School. Students should have no expectation of privacy when using these accounts. Loyola High School reserves the right to access, review, copy, store or delete any electronic communication or files stored or transmitted to/from these accounts and disclose them to others, including law enforcement as it deems necessary.

The following behaviors are considered inappropriate for students when using their Loyola account. Students who engage in any of these behaviors are subject to disciplinary action.

  • Sending unsolicited email messages, including “junk email” or advertising material to individuals who did not specifically request such material.
  • Any form of harassment (regardless of intent) via email, messaging or social media.
  • Unauthorized use or forging of email header information.
  • Solicitation of email for any other email address, other than that of the sender’s account, with the intent to harass or to collect replies.
  • Creating or forwarding “chain letters”, “Ponzi” or “pyramid” schemes of any type.
  • Any speech that is considered inappropriate in the classroom is also inappropriate in all Google Workspace applications including email and comments in docs, sheets, etc.. This includes but is not limited to profanity, racist, sexist or discriminatory remarks.
  • Disseminating or publicizing any material which jeopardizes the name and/or reputation of Loyola High School, which is detrimental to the common good, or which is harmful or offensive to members of the school community. This includes the posting of inappropriate material on any blog, chat room, social media platform or website.
  • Any methods, with or without the aid of technology, to cheat or circumvent in person or online exams or classroom assignments.


Gaming does not contribute to the educational goals of any Loyola class and creates a strain on network resources. Gaming has also been proven to be very addictive and can distract from Loyola’s student learning and behavior goals. For these reasons, gaming is prohibited in any academic class during the school day.

The ITS department monitors student activity on the Loyola network and has implemented security measures to block access to online games and services. Students who attempt to circumvent these measures are subject to disciplinary action outlined in the handbook and/or at the discretion of the Dean of Men.

Daily Expectations 

The following is expected daily from all students:

  • Bring their MacBook to school each day fully charged and in good operating condition.
  • Check their Loyola High School email.
  • When using Loyola High School printers adhere to all applicable copyright laws and only print school-related materials.

General Policies

If a student is unsure about the appropriateness of an electronic activity, he should ask a teacher, administrator or a member of the ITS department for clarification. Classroom teachers may have their own specific policies regarding the use of technology in their classroom. Students should always adhere to those specific policies while in that teacher’s classroom.

Students are legally and financially responsible for any actions originating from their accounts. Students should take appropriate measures to maintain the security of their account including the regular changing of their password, the use of complex passwords and 2-factor authentication.

Students found in violation of Loyola High School’s Student Responsible Use Policy will be reported to the Dean of Men. Violations will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook. When and where applicable, an offending student will be referred to law enforcement authorities for legal action.

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