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A student for four years, but always a Cub for Life!

With an alumni base that is more than 16,000 strong, Loyola Cubs can be found near and far—including all 50 states and in 40 different countries across the globe. Stay connected to all the latest on your fellow Loyola High Alumni:

Alumni Dinner 2023

This year’s Alumni Dinner will be on Saturday, November 4, 2023. For more information, click here.

Loyola High is privileged to have so many alumni who are so passionate about their alma mater. Many alums act as Class Leaders, or serve on the Board of the Alumni Association.

The Loyola High Alumni Association is comprised of a group of alums covering a wide range of generations of Cubs. There are three different alumni societies: the African American Alumni Society, the Latino Alumni Society and the Asian Pacific Alumni Society.

Additionally, there are alumni parent groups (St. Ignatius Guild – Mothers of Grads; Majorem Society – Fathers of Grads) who stay connected and involved at Loyola.

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