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Domestic and International

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In addition to a curriculum that highlights diverse perspectives in the classroom, Loyola encourages its students to apply their knowledge outside the classroom–in the city of Los Angeles and around the world.  Loyola offers a variety of faculty-led domestic and international learning experiences each year.  These exchanges, immersions and cultural encounters are designed to go beyond cursory “tourist” tokenism, to deepen our understanding of complex global issues, foster a capacity to serve, and work together for a hope-filled and sustainable future for our planet.

Loyola plans to return to travel in 2022. We will continue to review COVID-19 data, vaccination requirements both in the US and abroad as well as CDC, state and local guidelines to plan safely. We will also continue to develop virtual means to global connections for our students in partnership with their peers around the world.

Loyola’s Domestic and International Experiences Under Development

Check out Loyola’s domestic and international experiences that are under development for 2022 and beyond. (Not all of the examples below are offered every year)

2023-2024 Global Programs at a Glance

Our faculty-led intercultural travel programs for this year are available. These programs are in various phases of development – some are not yet open to students, some are accepting applications, and some are filled and closed.

Please click here to view all of the program opportunities.


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