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Domestic and International

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In addition to a curriculum that highlights diverse perspectives in the classroom, Loyola encourages its students to apply their knowledge outside the classroom–in the city of Los Angeles and around the world.  Loyola offers a variety of faculty-led domestic and international learning experiences each year.  These exchanges, immersions and cultural encounters are designed to go beyond cursory “tourist” tokenism, to deepen our understanding of complex global issues, foster a capacity to serve, and work together for a hope-filled and sustainable future for our planet.

Loyola plans to return to travel in 2022. We will continue to review COVID-19 data, vaccination requirements both in the US and abroad as well as CDC, state and local guidelines to plan safely. We will also continue to develop virtual means to global connections for our students in partnership with their peers around the world.

Loyola’s Domestic and International Experiences Under Development

Check out Loyola’s domestic and international experiences that are under development for 2022 and beyond. (Not all of the examples below are offered every year)

French-Language Exchange (France)

  • Ten-day exchange with Saint-Joseph in Reims, France
  • Loyola students travel to France during Easter Break; Saint-Joseph students travel to California in October. Host families needed.
  • Eligibility: Loyola sophomores and juniors who study French
  • For more information, contact Madame Crawford-Dixon lcrawforddixon@loyolahs.edu.

Mandarin-Language Exchange (China)

  • Ten day, multi-city immersion in partnership with the Jesuit run Beijing Center
  • Eligibility: Loyola sophomores and juniors who study Mandarin
  • Loyola students travel to China in June
  • For more information, contact Mr. Mikita mmikita@loyolahs.edu

Intercambio Spanish-Language Exchange (Argentina & Uruguay)

  • Four-week exchange in Argentina and Uruguay
  • Students wishing to deepen their language skills while serving in developing parts of South America will be drawn to this unique experience that brings language, culture, service, art, advocacy and camaraderie together.
  • Loyola students travel to Argentina and Uruguay in in June and July; Argentine students come to Loyola in January.
  • For more information, contact Ms. Ana DeCastro adecastro@loyolahs.edu.

Early Modern Europe and its Artistic Influence (Western Europe)

  • Nine-day excursion of a Western European nation to study intersectional themes between Art History and European Cultural and Intellectual History (possible destinations: UK, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands)
  • Eligibility: Loyola seniors who study AP Art History and/or AP European History
  • Loyola students travel to Europe during Winter Semester Break in late January.
  • For more information, contact Mr. Annarelli dannarelli@loyolahs.edu.

El Camino: A Spanish Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

  • 14-day excursion of the ancient Christian pilgrimage route through Spain to Santiago de Compostela; students who complete this earn a Certificate of completion of the Camino. Partnership with Jesuit school in Spain is under development.
  • Eligibility: Loyola Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors
  • Loyola students travel to Spain in June.
  • For more information, contact Mr. Derek Brown dbrown@loyolahs.edu.

Laudato Si: Documenting a Path to Preserving the Beauty of God’s Creation (two experiences over Spring Break: Iceland, California)

  • Ten days in Iceland or six days in California
  • Each curriculum focuses on a close reading of the Papal Encyclical Laudato Si and other relevant readings that help students reflect on the impact of human behavior on the ecosystems of our world. From there students will encounter the natural world in an immersion where they will come up with their own action plans for preserving God’s creation.
  • Eligibility: Loyola sophomores, juniors, and seniors
  • For more information, contact Mr. Astran castran@loyolahs.edu (California) or Mr. Cendejas tcendejas@loyolahs.edu (Iceland).

The Ignatian Way: History and Spirituality of St. Ignatius and the Early Jesuits (Spain & Italy)

  • 11 days in Spain and Italy
  • Focusing on the life, work, and spirituality of Ignatius and the early Jesuits. Students will read the biography of Ignatius along with other resources about his spiritual ascent to sainthood before embarking on a journey to understand how both time and place (16th century Spain and Italy)  impacted his path and his methods.
  • Students travel over Easter break or summer (depends on the year).
  • For more information, contact Mr. Annarelli dannarelli@loyolahs.edu.

Civil Rights Immersion (The Office of Service and Justice)

Service and Justice Opportunities

  • ISN
  • Urban Plunge
  • KINO Border Initiative


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