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Educating for Global Citizenship

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Educating for Global Citizenship means that Loyola is committed to teaching content and skills across the curriculum that emphasize foreign-language acquisition, cross-cultural communication, collaboration, global problem-solving, creative thinking, ethical and empathic decision-making as well as recognizing different perspectives.

Global Scholar Certificate Program

While global mindedness is a part of every student experience, Loyola uniquely affords students the opportunity to take a more intentional approach through its Global Scholar Certificate Program.

Overview of Program

  • Declare interest sophomore year during registration process
  • Enroll in required course(s) and electives junior-senior year
  • Document participation in extracurricular and intercultural activities and experiences
  • Engage in ongoing and deepening reflection about global citizenship
  • Connect curriculum and experience to Capstone Project senior year
  • Earn a Certificate of Distinction as a Global Scholar at graduation

Elective Courses

  • Students must take a foundations course called “Global Perspectives and Ignatian Discernment”
  • Students choose courses from a list of core and non-core electives
  • See the course offerings HERE

Experiential Learning

  • Students will track engagement in school organizations and intercultural experiences
  • Students will engage in a reflection each semester
  • Students will meet regularly with Mr. Annarelli and/or faculty advisors to document progress towards completion of Global Scholar program

Capstone Project

  • Connect global scholars experience to Senior Service Project, Ignatian Scholars, or Developing as a Leader
  • Create an innovative action plan to enhance the global impact of your research/experience
  • Publish and/or share your findings with the community through 21st century methods (i.e. video, website, presentation)

Global Scholar Certificate Program FAQs

Who is eligible for the global scholar program?

All students are eligible to earn a global scholar certificate regardless of GPA or co-curricular involvement as long as they meet the requirements of the program.

What do I earn by completing the Global Scholar Certificate program?

You will receive a certificate of distinction as a Global Scholar upon graduation to be awarded from both Loyola High School and the Jesuit Schools Network.  This certificate will be recognized at Loyola’s schoolwide Awards Assembly and acknowledged as a distinguishing characteristic of Loyola’s school profile.

When do students start the program?

A student declares interest in the Global Scholar program during pre-registration in sophomore year.  During their junior and senior years, students will choose courses that satisfy the necessary credits in the curriculum and participate in a variety of experiential learning requirements.

If I’m already also doing Ignatian Scholars or Developing as a Leader at Loyola, can I still be in the Global Scholar program?

Yes.  In fact, you can use the work you’ve already done in Ignatian Scholars and/or Developing as a Leader as part of your capstone project for this program.

Is there financial aid for the various travel experiences offered through Loyola?

Yes. While financial commitments are an inevitable aspect of international travel, the Office of Global Education is committed to working with families, including providing financial aid, for any student who is eligible and interested in pursuing their educational goals through the Global Scholars Program.


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