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Grades + GPA

I,D,F Grades

If a student receives an “I” (Incomplete) for any graded course, it will be recorded on the transcript and will count as 0.0 points when computing GPA’s. This will remain until all the coursework is completed and the teacher has awarded the appropriate letter grade (A- F). Furthermore, a student may be denied a diploma until the incomplete course is made up to the school’s satisfaction.

Students who receive an “F” in any course must repeat the course either at Loyola or through an approved alternative program. The “F” will not be removed from the transcript and will continue to be counted (as a 0.0) in the student’s weighted and un-weighted GPA’s even after the course has been repeated. A student may be denied a diploma until the course receiving an “F” grade is made up to the school’s satisfaction.

Students who receive a “D” in any course may not repeat the course at Loyola. A ”D” is considered a passing grade for Loyola High School. However, depending on the class and the year in which the course was taken, a “D” might make a student ineligible for certain universities. In these cases, students should seek out other institutions such as on-line schools or local community colleges to repeat the course. Only courses pre-approved by the Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Scheduling will be permitted. Once the course is repeated and a passing grade is presented to Loyola High School via a formal transcript, the new grade will be entered in a comment box on the Loyola transcript. However, the original “D” will remain on the transcript as will the GPA weight of 1.0. Only the original “D” and not the new grade will be used in computing weighted and un-weighted GPA’s.

Courses not Counted in GPA

Certain courses are not counted in students’ weighted or un-weighted GPA’s. These include PE, Lifetime Fitness, Aquatic Skills, Weight Training, Junior Advisory, Senior Magis, and TA’s.

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