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The Kyle Kolligian ’11 Fund

We are proud to announce the Kyle Kolligian ’11 Fund, which was established in 2017 by Kyle’s family and closest friends to honor his legacy of being a true “Man for and with Others.” Kyle embodied many things, but above all, he had a desire to live each day with a sense of “Others,” often going out of his way for someone in need. St Ignatius of Loyola frequently employed the Latin word “Magis” to describe those who had the distinct desire to do more. In memory of Kyle’s vibrant Magis-driven spirit, Kyle’s Project is being created at Loyola High School in his memory.

Kyle’s passion for serving people who were underserved or in need spanned his four years at Loyola. He especially had a heart for outreach programs involving the homeless in downtown Los Angeles. Kyle also had a natural sense of compassion for others that entered his everyday life. He was consistent in his willingness to help or assist a friend, a family member, or a stranger in need. The many accounts of Kyle’s selfless and inclusive nature are expressed in his tagline: All Love. No Judgement.

Kyle’s Project, which embodies his sense of compassion and innate ability to see the good in all people, will be funded through the Kyle Kolligian ’11 Fund. It will have a permanent home within Loyola High School’s nationally recognized Community Service program. Kyle’s Project will be an annual outreach effort where Loyola students will help to pack and distribute blessing bags to persons in identified areas of need throughout Los Angeles. The blessing bags will contain essential items such as hygiene products, blankets, clothing and snacks.

The Kyle Kolligian ’11 Fund will be placed within the permanent endowment of Loyola High School. Proceeds from the fund will be used to support all aspects of the program, including Kyle’s Project branded blessing bags, transportation for distributions and staff assistance. We thank you in advance for your support with this special program at Loyola High School.

Kyle’s Project Fundraiser

Poker Tournament, Cocktails and Dinner

Buy-in $500 • $150 to attend • Donations create blessing bags for LA homeless shelters

Saturday, July 13, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

Jonathan Beach Club

Proceeds go to Kyle’s Project. Pay below.


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