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Loyola Latino Alumni Society

Mission Statement

The Loyola Latino Alumni Society (LAS) is committed to the development of the social, cultural and monetary needs of current Latino students and alumni of Loyola High School.


The Loyola Latino Alumni Society is currently reviewing the possibility of developing the following programs:

  1. Latino Alumni Network
    The network is developing a much needed forum for Loyola’s Latino alumni to network. This program will be the “cornerstone” for the success of the Latino Alumni Society.
  2. Mentor “Padrino” Program
    This program will provide the current Loyola Latino students with a “Padrino” or mentor to help provide career and personal guidance. It provides the current students an arena to develop their networking skills.
  3. The Loyola Latino Alumni Society’s Scholarship Program
    The Society will develop this program in order to provide tuition assistance grants to current Loyola students and possibly to alumni currently in college.
  4. The Loyola Latino Alumni Endowment Fund
    The goal is to develop an endowment fund campaign to continue the financial opportunities and successes of the Latino Alumni Society and its members.
Richard Rede ’89  – President, Loyola Latino Alumni Society

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