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Evelyn Mabra

Dr. Evelyn Mabra has spent ten years in education as a high school counselor, teacher, and administrator. As the first to attend college in her family, Dr. Mabra’s educational worldview is guided by the principle that all students should have access to higher education. She received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Masters in Counseling Psychology, including a Pupil and Personnel Services Credential from the University of Southern California, and her Bachelors in English from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Dr. Mabra’s doctoral dissertation entitled, “A capstone project using the gap analysis model: Closing the college readiness gap for Latino English Language Learners with a focus on school support and school counseling resources,” examines the underachievement of ELL students, specifically Latinos, by determining the gap that lies between the school’s desired results and actual student performance. Her research interests center on issues of equity and access for students to gain entry to higher education institutions, guidance and support services for students and their families, and college support programs for access to post-secondary institutions.

Dr. Mabra is married and the mother of Emma Rose.

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