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Administrative Assistant


Pat Salvaty

I came to work at Loyola High School in August 1985. I worked in the Crosby Memorial Student Center, which was the home of Loyola’s Student Activities, Athletics and Counseling Offices.  My job was to assist Mr. Kozakowski and Mr. Dawson and to make the students feel welcome.  The office and Vice Principals have changed but my work has been much the same.  I look forward to being part of the Community Service team and hope that I can continue to serve Loyola and its students. My husband, Ben, graduated from Loyola in 1958 and my son, Paul, graduated in 1985. I hope to have a grandson in the class of 2025. My parents were married by a Jesuit at Gesu Catholic Church in Detroit, Michigan; my uncles attended the University of Detroit so I think I have had an Ignatian influence throughout my life.

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