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Board of Directors

Robert Foster

Robert Foster’s four sons graduated from Loyola High School in 2014, ’15, ’17 and ’19. He has served on the Loyola Board since 2017.

Mr. Foster has 30-plus years as a leader in the medical device industry. Robert founded Avalon Laboratories in 1990 and grew it into the world’s largest heart surgical catheter manufacturer before selling it in 2008. Mr. Foster is currently chairman of MC3 Cardiopulmonary which he co-founded in 2008. MC3 is a medical device technology company focused on life-support devices that provide full cardiopulmonary function for critically ill patients.

Mr. Foster is also co-founder of VBS Biosciences, specializing in targeted pharmaceuticals to treat vascular-based diseases. He founded and serves as CEO of Catalina Sciences, which explores research and development of underlying technologies for advanced medical devices. Robert attended University of Colorado, studying biomedical engineering/business administration. Robert and his wife Gina enjoy many outdoor activities including skiing, hiking, paddle boarding and bike trekking. Together they manage an educational foundation dedicated to supporting the education pursuits of disadvantaged youth.

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