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Junior Year: Service and Justice

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Choosing Different Pathways Towards Service and Justice

Welcome to the Junior Service and Justice Program at Loyola High School. Junior year is a year full of decisions, especially as students are considering different universities and admissions assessments. Similarly, students receive even more direct guidance on careers and spiritual direction. The junior year project is centered around the theme of discernment. St. Ignatius called discernment of spirits the, “motions of the soul,” and it is those interior movements that consist of thoughts, imagination, emotions, inclinations, desires, feelings and more.

Juniors (or rising juniors) may also participate in our summer immersion programs or Matthew 25 Projects (see Canvas for more information).

Overview for Requirements

The Junior Service and Justice requirements are divided into two parts:

  1. Completing a total of at least 25 hours of service. This would include an agency from our database of pre-approved partnering organizations, agencies or schools, participating in an immersion through the Caminos Immersion Program (in collaboration with the Office of Global Education) or participating in on-campus service opportunities shared by the Center for Service and Justice.
  2. Scheduling a small group reflection meeting facilitated by the Center for Service and Justice.

The team at the Center for Service and Justice is here to help you and your family navigate through our service and justice requirements to fulfill your Junior expectations. Please continue to visit the Community Service 11 Canvas often and, when applicable, open messages sent from our office.

Setting Up an Account on MobileServe

All programs and projects related to your service and justice experience at Loyola High School must be recorded and submitted on MobileServe. Instructions regarding account registration will be posted in the Community Service 11 Canvas page. All Junior service hours must be logged using MobileServe.

Immersions Available to Juniors

Matthew 25 Skid Row Immersion

This Service and Justice Immersion program is designed to introduce students to the realities of our unhoused community in Los Angeles, specifically the area in Downtown Los Angeles known as Skid Row. Students will spend the weekend at the Los Angeles Mission and assist throughout the different spaces across Skid Row. Participants will perform various service duties, such as preparing meals, sharing meals and engaging in conversations with many of the unhoused at any one of the selected service sites: The Los Angeles Mission, Midnight Mission, Union Rescue Mission, Los Angeles Catholic Worker, St. Francis Center and The Center (Hollywood).

Baja Build

Being Men for and With Others can be experienced in many ways. During this service opportunity, 12 Father/Guardian and Cub teams will be building a home for a family living in impoverished conditions in the Colonia de San Bernardo in Southern Tijuana. Construction tasks include framing, siding, wiring, roofing, painting and drywall.A concrete slab floor and all construction materials are provided through Baja Christian Ministries.

In just one weekend, our teams provide a needed 16×20, three-room, weatherproof home with a loft for a family living in poor conditions. The houses are durable, efficiently designed and serve families for many years.


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