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Sophomore Year: Service and Justice

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Accompanying the Youth in Creation of a Hope-filled Future

Welcome to the sophomore Service and Justice program at Loyola High School. The sophomore expectation is divided into two parts: 1) Participation in two on-campus High School Placement Test (HSPT) Tutoring Outreach Program Sessions and 2) Selecting their junior Service and Justice project.

The goal of the tutoring program is to introduce our sophomores to the important skill of listening. Tutoring is all about listening, reviewing, assessing and guiding all skills necessary before entering into other community spaces outside of Loyola. The Center for Service and Justice department is here to help you and your family navigate through our requirements to fulfill your sophomore expectations. Please continue to visit Canvas often and, when applicable, open messages sent from our office.

HSPT-8 Tutoring Program

The HSPT-8 Tutoring Outreach Program is offered to a select number of Catholic Elementary Schools within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The HSPT-8 Tutoring Outreach Program’s mission is to provide support, guidance and encouragement to each enrolled eighth grade student as they prepare for the HSPT and for the beginning of their high school career. (Most Catholic High Schools administer the HSPT exam as part of their admission process.)

Register for Tutoring Sessions

Students will need to register for at least two HSPT tutoring sessions. We recommend that students select their dates as soon as they become available because there are a limited number of openings available for each session. Registration forms will be available in the Community Service 10 Canvas page. Students are more than welcome to register for more than two sessions.

Tutoring Training Program in Theology Classes

To help prepare students to be effective tutors, training and orientation will take place during one Theology 2 class meeting in the fall semester. Further details about training will be announced at the beginning of each academic year.

Logging Service Hours on MobileServe

All programs and projects related to your experience at Loyola High School must be recorded and submitted on MobileServe. Instructions regarding account registration will be posted in the Community Service 10 Canvas page.


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