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Affinity Clubs

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Many Parts, All One Body

At Loyola High School one of our core values is to seek ways to create and sustain a vibrant, inclusive community reflecting the expansive demographics and rich mixture of Southern California’s population. Participation in our Affinity Clubs is one way we celebrate that richness. Both as a student and/or as your life as an alum, we welcome your involvement.

The beauty of these clubs is that while the lens is specific the celebration and student participation is not. Our clubs seek to honor and dignify all cultures, and thus the student formation is to find common ground while furthering the many understandings an identified group professes.

Some Affinity Clubs have large-scale community or cultural events, while others meet to share a meal, stories, or play games. As you click the clubs below, we hope the descriptions are an invitation for you to partake in the cultural splendor Loyola provides.

Affinity Clubs and Alumni Associations

African American Student Association (AASA)

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI)

Association of Latin American Students (ALAS)

Association of Middle Eastern Students

Association of South Asian Studies

Chinese Club

Club Japan

Cubs United

Filipino Club

First Generations Student Association (FGSA)

French Club

Hillel Club

Irish Club

Italian Club

Korean American Student Association (KASA)


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