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Message from the President

Fr. Goethals Headshot

Welcome to Loyola High School of Los Angeles.

When I look out at Loyola, I see many different high schools. There is the one where debaters excel, athletes compete and writers create. There is also the one where artists design, scientists analyze and thespians act. It is the one where boys become men and men become brothers.

That is the beauty of Loyola. There is a Loyola for each and every one of our current and future Cubs. I know this, not only as president of this great Jesuit institution, but as a Loyola alumnus who was deeply involved in the theatre program during my time as a student. I also had a father who was a star debater at Loyola and two Loyola-educated brothers who excelled in tennis and wrote for our school newspaper, The Loyalist.

As my family connection goes back generations, so do the families of many of our 16,000-strong alumni, all of whom add to Loyola’s rich 158-year history. This legacy is integral to our future as it is to every new generation of students. Our 21-acre campus is ready for these new Cubs, as is our phenomenal faculty and administration as well as our CIF athletic teams, renowned drama program, award-winning publications, nationally recognized community service program, and state-of-the-art facilities. Loyola High School stands ready for any and all academic pursuits.

The total, though, is the sum of its parts. Most importantly Loyola forms young men into the people they were created by God to be–men of conscience and character who know how to use their gifts and talents to change the world. Join us in our journey as we help lead Los Angeles into the future.


Rev. Gregory M. Goethals, SJ ’73
President, Loyola High School of Los Angeles

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