Invitation to Participate in AIM Survey

As part of our Strategic Planning Initiative, we have partnered with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to use their Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism Survey (AIM) to assess the ways our Loyola community experiences a sense of belonging and inclusivity. In collaboration with our AIM Steering Committee, we request that you complete the survey (link to be distributed on November 19th).

The survey, to be taken by a variety of stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, administration, board members, parents/guardians and alumni) seeks to measure the ways we are an inclusive community and the ways we can continue to improve the manners by which we continue to care for the whole person. Our mission is to inspire students to become men of faith, scholarship, service and leadership. In the formation and care for the whole person (Cura Personalis), we seek to thoughtfully and intentionally integrate the fullness of human experience through our students’ spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical development during their four years at Loyola and beyond.

AIM Survey To Be Conducted in November 2020Toward this end, beginning in November, we will be conducting the NAIS Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM), an instrument designed to assist in strategic planning initiatives to build and sustain inclusive school communities. The AIM process involves the following two components: 1) an online survey of all constituencies, and 2) discovery committees/focus groups discussing the various aspects of the school, involving a cross-section of the school community. 

Benefits of AIM Research: Previously, we completed the AIM research project in the Fall of 2016, and the results enabled us to learn much more about Loyola through the lenses of inclusion and multiculturalism. It led to specific recommendations and actions for us to improve in these categories.  This year’s research will bring the added benefits of showing us where we are vis-à-vis the 2016 data and relative to the many other peer NAIS schools participating. Additionally, since we are currently in the midst of the Strategic Planning process and the AIM research project’s data will help inform the allocation of resources at Loyola going forward. 

Your Role in the AIM ResearchYour participation in the AIM process is much appreciated and it is of critical importance to Loyola to accurately assess the climate of inclusion and multiculturalism within our community. We ask for your prompt completion of the Survey (link to be distributed on November 19th). We expect the survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.


Assessment on Inclusivity and Multiculturalism Survey (Nov. 19–Dec. 3, 2020): The School Climate Survey will be available electronically and open for three weeks, beginning November 16th. The responses to this anonymous survey will go directly to NAIS so that the data can be collated. At no time does any member of the Loyola High School community view your survey responses unless you choose to share them with someone. For those who are part of an underrepresented group, these results will not be released unless there are at least eight people in that particular category. (In other words, if there is only one person at a school who identifies as Inuit/Eskimo, his results would not be subject to individual scrutiny because doing so would make it clear that they came from a particular person.) There also will be space provided within the survey for comments in addition to the multiple-choice questions. Additional information will be provided with the School Climate Survey link when it goes out the first week of November. Included in this message will be how to access the survey online, how to complete it, how to get a paper survey if you prefer one, and how to arrange for computer access should you need it. 

Discovery Committees (March 2020): The Discovery Committees will convene in focus groups with a cross-section of constituencies to discuss the findings and merits of their areas of growth for our community. 

Final Report (June 2020): We anticipate a final report by the end of the school year. Results will be shared with the Strategic Planning Committee and the Loyola High School community at that time.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please feel free to contact Mr. Jamal Adams ’90, Director of Equity and Inclusion, at